Guest ratings vissible!

When you are on IB, you can see the star ratings of your guests!

Willing to be more specific about how you navigated to a screen that shows the stars by guest?

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If you check your guests reviews he/she got from other hosts you see how many stars they got for following house rules, communication and cleanliness.

So, you open up your guest’s profile page and you see stars below each review? or do you see an aggregate? I am just not seeing this at all. Are you willing to post a screen shot?

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I see a aggregate. And it’s in Swedish :slight_smile:

Not available here on either the iPhone or computer. Too bad, though most of my guests don’t have reviews or stars.

I check my App … so you can see only IB or 0 review account that use request to book not the one we pre accept.

Hey! is there a third party system for rating guests? So, before or after they stay we can check them out since AirBnB dont give us much? I cant see the ratings :frowning:

This is only if you have Instant Booking turned on - and possibly (not sure) for those who booked instantly. I am not aware this is available otherwise.

Like what, TripAdvisor? If you rated a guest on a different system, why would prospective host of your guest look that up instead of what’s on Airbnb?