Guest ratings and super host

my ratings have been great…but the last 2 dropped down…(after i spent $4000 on the house)…i have been miffed…
but then justt stayed at an airbnb…the ratings are listed like this now…
Terrible *
Not great **
Average ***
Great ****
Fantastic *****

how does one consistently get fantastic…no place is that way
i am pretty pissed.

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and there is no way to complain to airbnb!

Uh, you wanna run that by me again? So your most recent ratings are “Not great” and “Terrible”, and you started off with “Fantastic”, dropped to “Great” and then dropped to “Average”?

Hmmm…can you see a pattern?

Do you want to share your listing and get some analysis and pointers?

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The right space in the right place with the right host for the right guests.

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I’ve probably only been fantastic once.

There was a thread here in the forum a few days ago where two other hosts had the same experience. They changed the expressions/words in my language too. Earlier 3 stars were called “good”. Now it’s “average”. Good, great and fantastic is maybee the same for a lot of guests. So they just gave 5 stars. Now they think maybee that a place is something between fantastic and average and give 4 stars. The new wording could give a bigger range in the reviews.

No, this is how the different amount of stars are called now. They have changed the wording. Ay least in Norwegian.

what i dont like is that the wording changes how people rate my place and i will no longer be a superhost…
my place has not changed (well it has gotten a bit better with a new paint job outside and one of the bedrooms painted) but my last two ratings have changed. for quite awhile i got five stars now i am getting 4 and i think it is the wording and i am pissed!

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I understand what you’re staying. Sounds to me like ABB needs to update their Superhost criteria so it’s more reflective of this new guest rating system. Unless their plan is to make it harder to obtain/keep Superhost status?

It’s maybe air bnb goal to have very few superhosts.

I always assumed the opposite. They give it to every Newbie with just 10 decent reviews. Ten!!

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It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the SH criteria after this next assessment July 1st.

I think half of the guests need to leave reviews otherwise it doesnt count toward superhost status

even the best places i have stayed that i loved i owuld call great…not fantastic!

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