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Guest rating question

So we rate guests but as hosts we can’t see these. What’s the point in rating guests (for communication etc) when we can’t see it as a host? Does the guest get notified like we do if we drop in ratings??

Click on the guest profile and you can see their reviews.

Well yes of course, but that wasn’t my question.

Not all my guests leave reviews and in turn I don’t leave them one either.

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Ooops, my apology. You were asking about the ratings, not the reviews.

It seems AirBnB is pretty careful about access to ratings. Heck, I wish I could see more detail for my listing.

So we are not able to see what stars each guest has rated us? I wondered why I couldn’t find this.i would like to see what stars each guest has given me

I think there is going to be a bigger push to get everyone to leave a review for every stay for both the host and guest. So, look for them to come into play, and possibly appear for public view in the near future. I would imagine they are looking to build up a collection of reviews on a certain number of travelers before showing them off.

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I just went through and checked just how many times I’ve hosted, and how many reviews I have. I have 43 reviews but have hosted (on ABB), 56 times. Many of my guests in the beginning did not leave reviews. My first guest was May 2014.

Hi @brook2adks,

You’ll get more reviews if you push for them. But this may or may not be a good idea. I’m currently doing that, because I don’t have many. But it’s a calculated risk.

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This is the same reason Air has made a bunch of deals with collecting tax in certain areas. Anyone is an absolute fool (not you Felix) if they do not think there is an ulterior motive. Air could have had an extra tax line. Now when I turn in my monthly lodging tax, I have to make sure I don’t count the part that Air has supposedly turned in.

They are collecting star ratings of guests so they can turn the light switch on for instant book. Then they can say “hey…your fellow hosts rated this and that…and you should trust them.” Sigh…

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Hi @faheem,
I don’t necessarily want more reviews, just was noting that a few years ago, ABB did not pester people so much about leaving a review.

I think @cabinhost is right about there being an ulterior motive. Though I’m not sure what it is.


I don’t like American’s reviews. Its like you are asking them to stab you in the back for some unknown reason. The criticism that most got under my skin was that their bathroom was “a tiny bit dirty!” I can’t help it if their hairs fall on the floor! I do not have 24 hour maid service and the bathroom was spotless upon their arrival.
Another one was the bed was not comfortable. - Tell me and I will change the bed but not after staying in my home for 2 weeks and over a month between visits! Another one was my continental breakfast was boring. . . One thing is my continental breakfast as advertised, and another is a hotel buffet. Why didn’t the customer go to a hotel if that is what he wanted?
People from other countries are gracious and appreciate everything I offer and I deserve it I go out of my way for guests.

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