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I didn’t see any recent thread regarding guest profiles. They seem to be getting thinner and thinner. One that topped them for me today was a woman with very good reviews booking for 5 days in our shared home. However, in her profile, she just said “I can’t think of anything to say”. Why bother? Fortunately my husband and I won’t be around much while she is here so it won’t matter if she isn’t the most communicative guest. I just found it sad.


The number of hosts who don’t bother to complete their profiles or provide a personal photo of themselves is even worse I think. @Christine_Shirtcliff

Airbnb should make it mandatory for hosts to have personal photos not logos or cats or flowers and that hosts provide a description of their hosting style.


Yes, many guests don’t bother. I try to do my part by letting those guests know that hosts do look at guest profiles and are more likely to accept bookings from guests who have taken the time to do a short profile write-up, especially for homeshare or on-site host properties.

I have to admit I have no profile write-up myself, as I don’t like talking about myself that way. I was planning on doing so, but then as I built up reviews it didn’t seem necessary. Also, I mention on my listing info, as I homeshare, that I work from home out in my studio or will be puttering around in the garden, which gives an idea of my lifestyle and interests.

However, I have never booked as a guest and would do a profile write-up before doing so.

So do I. It makes it sound as though she has very low or non-existent self-esteem.

I don’t mind guests who are non-communicative though (it’s easier for me!)

I had a guest once who didn’t even like to be seen. If she left the rental she wore a baseball cap with the peak pulled down over her face. Maybe she had some sort of facial disfigurement, permanent or temporary.

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Maybe she had a stalker.


Oh, I never thought of that!

Maybe she was a celebrity!


That never occurred to me! What a great idea.

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My daughter had an ex-boyfriend whose best friend from high school ended up being a top model- she was all over the covers of Vogue, Elle, etc., about 20 years ago. She came to visit once when my daughter and her boyfriend were together, she was just a normal, down-to-earth gal aside from her modelling career (which wasn’t something she ever pursued- she got “discovered” by some modelling agent at a concert she went to).

She told them that she slops down the block to her corner Starbucks every morning in “disguise”- no make-up, unbrushed hair a mess, wearing her pajamas and glasses instead of contact lenses, and no one recognizes her.


I go out “in disguise” a lot too, lol


Does that work??

Or do they recognize you and say, “Hey! Wait!! You’re that Host from AirHostsForum!”

And then the pictures, the crowds, everyone swarming all around you.

I know what you’re talking about but we should start a separate thread on our favorite disguises.


So funny, made my morning.


haha, same! I really miss that era of the “messy bun” look, I was a pro at that.


If the “messy bun” isn’t in style now (I wouldn’t know), then it’d be the perfect disguise for you. Even people who know you wouldn’t think it was you!

I turned up at my bank looking utterly glorious in my bleached marked cleaner outfit.
I wanted to take a LARGE amount of cash from MY account, they refused me and I got irate!
They threatened me with security and offered to escort me from the bank.
The next day I turned up looking like a glittering bloody Xmas tree, dripping in diamonds and gold, beautifully dressed, people I sparkled!
Demanding to see the manager…. Made a formal complaint regarding discrimination, pointed out the enormous amount of money our multiple businesses put through that branch and got those two bank tellers in there and got an apology.
Made it clear - don’t ever judge a book by its cover and some books bite back!


good on you Deb, although I’m surprised that bank tellers don’t know better. Rich people actually tend to dress very low key.

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Excellent Deb!! This totally reminds me of that wonderful scene from Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman - Shopping scenes: Big mistake! Big! HUGE! - YouTube