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Guest Personal Hygiene Issues


Well no easy way to put this but my latest guest smells. It’s horrible I think it might be his feet or smelly jacket. :frowning:

He is only here for a week thankgod but how on earth do you tell someone …they smell ?
Imagine he has here for a few months !

Paul S

I’m assuming you have a private room style of listing. Did they bring toiletries? If not, do you supply any? You might also ask if they have any laundry that needs to be done and invite them to do it.

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My husband once took a guest’s socks, and tossed them in the trash, then replaced the offending pair with a clean pair of his own. So funny. Guest took it very well.

I don’t know that you do tell him. Felixcat’s ideas are good - give that a try. You may even add something about “I notice your clothes might need a wash…”

Give him a Voucher of washing clothes…raise the price, don’t attract such people.

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What did you do, Paul?

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Hi Thanks everyone he has left now I just put up with it for the week but yes I like your approach 'felixcat’
I feel sorry for him on the last day his car got clamped because he had no road tax!

I have actually changed my pricing a little as yes I don’t want to attract the wrong type of people.

Well I am sorry to hear that, Paul. Personally, I don’t accept guests for more than five days at a time, for a variety of reasons. Therefore, I totally agree with your “He is only here for a week thankgod”. In my case, I don’t run a chance of having to put up with someone like that for more than five days.

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