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Guest peeing off my deck!


OMG I just reviewed my fully disclosed security camera footage to see a very large shirtless guest come out the back door, look around and proceed to pull it out and pee off my back deck. There are 2 bathrooms in the cabin and 4 people staying I guess he just could not hold it. They are checking out this morning I hope for the sake of their review they leave the place SPOTLESS! This was a VRBO booking so no thumbs up or down option. Now in full disclosure I pee outside, I just have the decency to go behind a tree! His chosen spot is in full view of my neighbor who is also a full time STR

Possible review…

XX left the place in ok shape (if they do) but I was quiet surprised when I got a call from my neighbor at 7:07 this morning telling me a shirtless man was peeing off the deck. Subsequent review of security cam footage confirmed this as true…




That’s so funny!

I have a slight theory that blokes pee off decks and so on simply because they can. It’s one of those things that until those ‘lady willy’ things were invented that men could do that girls couldn’t. Me Tarzan, you Jane, sort of thing.



Its is funny and the neighbor did not actually see it, I just threw that in for a OMG moment for him. I actually don’t care I would have them back assuming the house is left in good order. They had a $90,000 Tesla on the driveway so just goes to show you never know. I would only mention it in the review if the house is trashed or something broken, some other reason to leave a bad review.




No! Be careful! They will remove any review with hearsay (my neighbor saw)… BTDT. Better to reword…

Cannot recommend xx. Unfortunately, he did not respect my property or my neighbors. Security cam footage showed him using my deck for a whiz instead of the toilet. Thumbs down.

If he left the place nice, his pissing off the deck negated it. Would you host this clod again? If not, be honest. Don’t blame it on the neighbor!


I would host him again if the place is otherwise in good shape, I would only mention him peeing outside if the place is a mess or other issues come up. I will know soon, checkout is in 40 minutes although no cars in driveway they could already be gone. Since no text saying they left I will wait until 11 to go check. He did not pee ON my deck, rather over the railing… Hopefully he did not miss. I should send him a screenshot…
Also I am not 100% certain the VRBO site asked me to declare cameras so I don’t want any issue with that. I decided to print screenshots from the cameras and put in the guestbook so people will know for sure what I can see so hopefully they are not surprised.


The group left the house in good shape, does not look like they cooked or used kitchen at all. They will get a good review and hopefully leave me one as well.



I hope you realize the review is for future hosts first and foremost. I wish you’d disclose it but I get the feeling you won’t. I think it’s gross and if I hosted a place where guys could do that I wouldn’t want them doing it on my property. If nothing else it’s the kind of thing that potentially turns people off of Airbnb.

The conversations in the break room or on facebook: “My neighbor rents out his house and there’s always strangers coming and going, dudes pissing off the deck, I hate it. I wish they’d make it illegal.”


@KKC I get what you are saying and I would be PISSED off (pun intended) if my neighbors actually did see it and call ( the reference to neighbors in my sample review was false, just thinking I should embarrass him) I would feel differently about it. My cabin is in the middle of 3/4 acre so no close neighbors, I went out to where he was doing his business and looked and my new shed is blocking the neighbor on that side so nobody but me saw it. I wish I could unsee it… lol

I pee outside here all the time, especially once I have cleaned the bathrooms I know the safe spots…

They left the place in nearly ready to turn over condition and I am not going to embarrass a mid 60 + guy for peeing outside maybe he REALLY could not hold it? As we get older anything is possible and I am just glad he made it outside in time and nothing to clean up inside. I am giving the guy the benefit of the doubt and a pass to due age.

I do get your side of the discussion, just not enough to change my mind:)



You can’t write any words on the VRBO review. Just “stars”. And, yes, there is a “thumbs down”. I think they use “Did you love having X as a guest? Yes or No” or maybe it’s “Do you recommend X? Yes or no”

Frankly, the VRBO guest review process is pretty useless.


My gardener pees in the compost heap when he’s here working. Not many guests go up in the garden, as it’s quite a climb but I’m thinking of a new house rule; " If you do explore the garden, and fancy a pee, feel free to do so in the compost heap; it all adds to the breakdown and is gratefully received".


I would never write an untrue review. The guy peed off a deck at a cabin. Where you admittedly do the same. As most guys do, with discretion, when they feel the need.

Now, if he’s flashing the neighbors, or peeing in the street… well that’s a separate issue.

But what you describe is a non-issue in my book.




Delivered by carrier pigeon


I sometimes pee at the back of my garden but behind the water tank where guests couldn’t see me if they were looking out the back window. I do it in full view of the chickens, ducks, cat and dog as none of them seem to have a problem doing all sorts of business when I’m around. We do things differently down here in the country.


My chickens are into watersports, if I pee in the chicken yard they run to get in it.


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