Guest must have hated my place - tried to kill himself

I received a phone call 5:00 am today. Police had entered my penthouse and taken the guest to a mental hospital. Guy tried to jump off the balcony on the 33rd level. Never knew my place was THAT bad.
But seriously, he was a very nice young guy, polite and friendly. As it turned out his girlfriend finished with him and so, for the stupidest of all reasons, wanted to jump. Luckily he called a few people to say goodbye and the first receipient informed Cartagena police so they could arrive in time to prevent the worst because he would have landed in the newly renovated pool area (okay politically correct people, not funny).
Luckily he booked with Airbnb who secures the money in advance ( I know I know, better stop here )
But now I face the task of writing a review…
I will send him a private message though and offer him to talk about it because I already had much more than my fair share of shit thrown at me in life. Hope he gets over it


Oh MY!!! I’m sorry!!! I must be as politically incorrect as you, but I had to squelch a giggle through your entire post! Yes. It’s terrible that he tried to jump but… did he ask for a refund first for the unused nights? :slight_smile:

OH. MY. GOSH… this has to be the weirdest question we’ve ever seen on this forum!

He better not leave you a bad review!!! (“Penthouse was too high for a decent jump…” ) I know, it’s bad. I shouldn’t be joking. But the gallows humor can’t be subverted. :slight_smile: And right now, after my Canadian Hillbillies, I AM NOT FOND OF GUESTS!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO ALL OF THEM!!!


Man o Man!! What did he say in his goodbye phone calls? - Did he specifically say he is ready to jump?..sheesh!

He did not ask for a refund but first he had booked 5 days, then cancelled the booking and booked only 2 days again.
Too high for a decent jump? I love black humour :smile:
Its the best way to deal with life’s lemons.
I don’t really know what he said on the phone or what was written in the suicide note he had prepared because I live in El Salvador while the apartment is in Colombia. So my information is second hand. I have not even figuered out yet how the police entered the apartment. But I suppose if they had bashed the door in my housekeeper would have informed me.

sorry but this would have upset me to no means. I do believe that negative energy lingers and the fact that this guy wanted to kill himself from your place is NOT good. I would NOt be the tongue and cheek type regarding this, contact this guest and be gentle offer comfort and that you don’t take it personally. I would think that ANY comment to this incident would impact your listing big time. Do NOT review this guest since it is a once in a life time experience when you want to take your life and mean it.

I have already send a message that he can talk to me any time. And although such an offer made by a total stranger seems awkward, I do believe I can relate to what he is going through because I had much worse in life happening.
However, I do not think that most of the coming guests will jump from the balcony because of some evil energy. I am much too German for this. All we believe in is world domination ( ok, no more silly talk, I promise )
Besides, nothing even happened.
You are right about the review. I do not write one. Would not know what to say anyway.

ah gosh that’s terrible. I agree send him a message first (poor guy - you never know what some people are going through)

would not be the first time I tell the truth and no one believes me

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Hahah… I’m glad I’m not the only one propagating gallows humor!

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As a host I must say THIS ENTIRE POST IS REPUGNANT. You all need empathy training. If you do care about this man at all DONT CONTACT HIM. You are not what he needs.

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Could you please stop screaming like a little school girl in your post? Or did you hit your caps lock button by accident because you were so blinded by the shining halo of your self righteousness? Anyway, it is excused. And I am glad you found me to save my soul. I suggest you share another meme on facebook about starving children in the world. That will help an awful lot


The door was probably unlocked. This sounds like the classic “cry for help,” more than actual desire to end his life. I hope he makes a full recovery.

I agree, this kind of humor is disturbing to me, can not help it.The guy obviously has some mental problems and its not something to joke about. If it was a family memeber, noone would joke about it but sympathize but because its a stranger then he can be ridiculed.

People intent on death do not call several people. The poor kid was in pain and it is sad, but really, you don’t know him from Adam and you are not a health care professional. I wouldn’t agonize over it.
And I doubt that writing any kind of review is way down on his list…dont sweat it.

compassion and a dark sense of humor are not mutually exclusive. i had to stifle my giggles too kona :slight_smile: i’ve met tons of pathologists in my life and across the board they were the FUNNIEST people on earth. doesn’t mean they were not compassionate. humor is how many people handle stress. so no judgement…

Oh boy… did this experience scar you in anyway? It’s tough to deal with stuff like this… it can easily scar someone for life :frowning:

Agree …I have seen the same thing with firefighters. They are on the front lines of the worst trauma imaginable, yet maintain their sense of humor. Also funeral homes. I remember at my dad’s funeral home, the undertakers were so kind and cracking jokes helped us all deal with the incredibly stressful and sorrowful situation. I think they knew that from years of doing this, sometimes joking around helped the family feel better. And my dad was a big jokester so he would have been laughing right along with us.

I believe the OP had stated he was ready to offer his listening ear in case the lad needs help, and was surely not openly callous to the guest. I hope the boy does get help for this mental issue as well. Sometimes when we are young, a break up can seem like the end of the world, when it clearly isn’t. My friend’s brother killed himself over a girl he thought was breaking up with him. Twenty years later, this girl showed up at my friend’s home with his child… the one she had been PG with and he never knew. The family never knew they had a nephew and grandson.

first, act like an adult. don’t give a review, you would just hurt him more. Try to show some compassion, just a little. Move on and again, TRY to act like an adult, so far from your posting here, it seems you are not.

And the rest of the idiots who responded thinking this was funny, grow up.