Guest moved BBQ through house advice

Looking for some advice. I just drove past my property and saw the guests had relocated my BBQ from the back to the front balcony. This means they dragged it through the house. I took a photo from the road. How can I approach this? They have two more nights. Thanks

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Wait and see, they may have carried it not dragged it, and likely they will put it back. If no damage then let it go. People are weird.


In many places having a BBQ on a front balcony is a fire hazard. If that is the case as your place then message them and say “the bbq cannot be on the front balcony as it’s a fire hazard.”

If it simply bothers you, I’d just let it go until after they leave. If it caused damage or left a mess, deal with it in the review. I sometimes have guests who do something irritating but after they check out they’ve been so quiet, clean, etc that I forget the irritating thing.


Yes, definitely check your fire code. No barbeques, smokers, or grills are allowed on balconies or decks by most US fire codes.

There must be millions of Americans in violation of this.

I know an insurance agent in San Antonio who caught his house on fire by grilling on his patio. The floor was concrete but apparently it caught fire in the ceiling from the heat. When I grill under the patio cover (like in winter or bad weather) I have a fan I turn on that disperses heat and smoke.

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It’s against the fire code regulations in this area. But to answer the question, I’d knock on the door and ask them why they’d moved it. Several times I’ve found that guests have moved things, then I realised how sensible the new placements were.

If a host has never stayed for a few days in their own rental, then guests sometimes know better than we do about the ideal location for various things. :slight_smile:

Could it be in this case that the front balcony is more sheltered? Or has a great view of the sunset for an early evening barbecue? It’s an idea to ask them.


Thank you. I’m not sure it was a fire hazard but I did not want people taking the BBQ inside my unit, possibly bashing walls, spilling grease on the carpet when returning it. We are going to chain it up after this.
I did message the guest after putting it in my house rules no moving furniture and BBQ! They apologised.