Guest makes false claims all over social media and Airbnb rewards them for it

I just love Airbnb’s response. Rewarding her with a refund because of how she “felt”. Continue to provide her with their full support for what? Jumping to conclusions? Making completely false accusations, on public media, no less? Fear mongering that Airbnb hosts spy on their guests with hidden cameras?

"the Airbnb rep reiterated to In The Know that the Philadelphia Police Department did not find any cameras on the property. He also says that they reimbursed her for her stay.

“Regarding our guest, we appreciate how she felt and we will continue to provide her with our full support, including with a refund,” he added."

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I have never seen sprinklers on the walls of an apartment, I wonder if it’s like that for most places in Philly. The host should post a picture of them on her listing & explain that they’re sprinkles.

It’s a shame that Airbnb refunded the guest when they were sprinkles and even the police confirmed it.

I feel bad for the host, she/he was treated like a criminal for something that is required by Philly.

Updated: I was curious and it turns out that they’re required by code;

" Sprinklers systems became mandatory for townhomes in Pennsylvania in 2010 and for one- and two-family dwellings the next year."

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Wow - I want to be in the sprinkler installation business in Philly.


" Every time we tried calling them, even at our arrival, they’ll never answer the phone,” @foxytaughtyou tweeted. “They only respond through message, so we do not know how they look, sound or if it’s a male or female.”

…as the host followed the airbnb guidelines and kept all ‘conversation’ in the messaging on the app. Amazed that the ‘guest’ sees this as a red flag.


It’s not just Philly, they are generally in places that added sprinklers to old buildings. The main reason is that most old homes don’t have ceiling piping. Our house was finished in 1900, it likely didn’t even have plumbing. All of the water pipes for all 3 floors (each floor is an apt) go vertically up two different chases. There are no pipes that are horizontal anywhere except for the basement.

Our state was threatening STR regulation that would include requiring sprinkler systems so we did some research and we would have to have the wall sprinklers. Also, we have plaster ceilings with some of the old medallions and everything. There is no way we would tear apart 3 floors of antique plaster ceilings to put in water pipes. And it wouldn’t be cost-effective either. I expect to see more wall sprinklers as more regulations are made that require them.

The other place I’ve seen wall sprinklers is in offices with dropped ceilings as well as…hotels (!), especially ones with fancy ceilings. It’s okay that this guest hadn’t seen them before but one should expect to see new and different things when they travel.

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