Guest lied badly

I received a booking request last week. She wrote that she needed a quiet room for studying overnight. Next afternoon she checked in with a small luggage and 3-4 dresses with hangers. I was just wondering why she would need those for study. However, I ignored thinking non of my business. I left the home after handing over keys to her. While I was out I received a text msg from the guest asking my permission to cook a short meal (I do not let guests cook, but they use my kitchen and dining area for breakfast or snacks using microwave etc. ). So I gave her permission. When I returned home I saw my kitchen was messed up and the guest had another guest at home and they were having a home made dinner. she apologized for burning my cooking pan and made a mass and promised to clean everything before she left. After dinner, I saw them taking their wine glasses (she brought it with her) and went for a walk (there is a small water walk). Didn’t see them returning till the time I was up. The guy stayed back overnight ( occupying two parkings - Thanks God I had no other guest in my other room). The actual guest left very early in the morning and I didn’t happen to see her. Her guest left about 8 AM. left the key on kitchen counter and just walked out. I had to clean the mess. When I went for my morning walk, I saw two broken wine glasses on the walkway! There was no sign that she came to study.
I left a true review for her but she did not write a review for me. Just wanted to share my experience with other forum members. Perhaps this is called the COST OF BUSINESS!

The guest is a liar but she found a host who will let her walk all over them so I guess it worked for her. Next time when a guest asks to violate the rules, decline. When you see the guest has a guest over, (I assume you don’t allow unregistered guests) ask them to leave. Or don’t and deal with the predictable results.


It’s possible her intention was to study but a friend rang up and she was like “sure pop over to say hello but I gotta study” which turned into a drink, then a meal then a few more drinks and a late night ramble with a bottle of wine. The extra dresses may have been because she was on a trip and didn’t want to crumple them. Who knows, I am no woman, but I’ve heard of such things as uncrumpled clothes. But I say in my rules that unbooked guests must leave by 9pm unless given permission to stay, which usually is given, but they have to leave by midnight at the latest or pay overnight guests fees. I pick 9pm because I want people to be aware of the midnight deadline 3 hours before, not 5 minutes before when they’ve just knocked the top off a new bottle. In my experience once you open a bottle of wine after midnight the night is not going to end any time soon and on that I speak from vast personal experience.


Sorry to have no sympathy, but this is all on you. People cannot take advantage of you without your permission, and you gave them permission.


I agree. What’s happening here is that guests like these are being ‘trained’ by their host’s behaviour. They begin to think that their actions are perfectly fine so tend to do them at the next Airbnb they stay in. And wonder why they get booted out!


I booked this guest after seeing other hosts’ review about her and she seems fine everywhere else. She texted me to. use a pan for short meal and promised to clean and dry…that’s why I approved. She never mentioned she would prepare a full course meal including frying stakes, making snacks…Had I been in my house during that time I would have stopped her. I was away…
However, I had great guests staying at my place generally. I only post here about guest with trouble!.

It was obvious she was going to do a massive cook up, otherwise she would have been using the microwave or whatever. I don’t allow cooking but if a guest asks it’s always supervised. My home is too precious to risk idiot pissed up guests causing fires etc… It’s no joke. As for unauthorised overnight guests, no no no!