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Guest Left Weed Resin Behind


We specifically forbid guests from using any tobacco or Marijuana products while on the property. This rule was followed up until our most recent guest.

They left sticky weed resin all over the top of the tv console and on our wood floor. It took forever to clean the resin off the wood. There were some other serious dents and scrapes in the floor as well. The trash can was full of weed edible wrappers.

In addition to this they often left the door to the house open, like wide open while they were in their room or out for a walk.

They were a nice enough couple other than that. Is it fair to mention this in a review? Or is it not worth the hassle of causing a fuss?


My rule of thumb is- do I want them back? If it is no, then why would another host want them?
They broke the rules… so review appropriately.


XXX and XXX were very friendly. But I would suggest you cleaning out their bong/pipes for them, as they apparently eat too many weed edibles to be capable of doing this themselves. They left resin all over everything they touched.


I’d mention the lack of attention to cleanliness and security, but not specifically mention the substance.

Perhaps it makes a difference in how your house rules are worded. I see a big difference between smoking and use of smokeless products (chew as it relates to tobacco, and edibles as they relate to MJ). Guests should be cleaning their messes, whether that’s resin, glitter, or sugary drinks.


Thank you for the replies!

I’ve added more to my rules to make it clearer. I also added a few no smoking signs in the room.

I’m still on the fence about reviewing the guests badly, but I will surely bring it up with them privately. My reasoning for this is that I don’t want to mention anything about drugs in the space. That could do more harm than good in a public sphere.


Can you use their deposit for the added cleaning?

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