Guest left items in room but left early

What do you do if a guest leaves items in a room until checkout date but they are no longer staying in your place? Can you get the room cleaned up? Can it be rented during the time they are no longer staying there? Please note that After realizing he’s not here anymore, I check to make sure there’s no dead body in the room.

Have you tried messaging them to see where they are and when they expect to be back? Do that if you haven’t already.

I wouldn’t enter the room (other than a safety check, like you did), clean up or re-rent it. The guest is entitled to use the room for the period they paid for - even if that’s just leaving their items there. I’ve had guests do overnight trips while staying at my place, although it’s unusual they didn’t tell you. It sounds like your guest has been missing for a while which is disconcerting!

If you don’t receive a response from the guest, get in touch with Airbnb.

Before their checkout date, I’d send one last message: “Dear Guest, I hope this message finds you well - I haven’t seen you since X days ago, so concerned for your whereabouts! Checkout is tomorrow at TIME. At that time I’ll need to remove your personal items from the room. (Then tell them how long you’ll hold these items before disposing of them. You may need to check the laws in your area)”

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Because of our location, i get this fairly often. Guests go off on road trips for a couple of days and because our rentals are separate apartments, they don’t always let me know. Which is fine - I’ve been paid. :slight_smile:

And as you say, the guests have paid for the place even if it’s just to keep their stuff in. I really wouldn’t worry about it.

I understand. Sometimes you just want to get in there and get place cleaned and ready now, not wait until actual check out time. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the guests drive out the driveway early in the morning, then when I text them at checkout time with "have you folks checked out ?’ I get an answer like “Oh, yes, sorry we left this morning”. After I have wasted 4 hours waiting to clean.
I never enter the guest house until I have gotten a response, either by text or platform, saying they have checked out.
Guests leave items behind frequently. I have a lost and found cupboard. No regulations as to how long I have to keep stuff. I can toss it at any time. I have the room to hold onto items for a few months. Most times guests tell me to pass it along to future guests, they don’t need it. I mail items back to guests if they pay me for shipping.

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