Guest left early due to bad weather.. Should I refund?

I had a guest booked in for 3 nights. He has stayed every week for 2 months as he has a work contract nearby.
He lives 2 hours away & at the beginning of the week we had a bad weather warning (heavy snowfall) in the south of England (very rare!)
My guest stayed 2 nights, came in from work on the 3rd night & said he was going to drive home that night in case the snow was bad & he had trouble getting home the following day.
My question is… Should I refund him for the night he didn’t stay? I know it was his decision to leave but I feel bad that he’s paid for a night and not stated.
What are your thoughts?

YES! A repeating guest is gold value. I would want to maintain the relationship into the future as I would not want to lose him! Lots of good will.


Yes I agree. Refund him. Also safety is important and what if he had been stuck there and caused other problems. What if the power or heat went out? It’s a good thing he went home.


Yes, I would definitely refund ONE NIGHT for a repeat guest. Especially if you like him and he’s a good guest.


Me too if it is a repeat. Or at least offer to.

definitely refund.

See the premier inns are getting lashed for not giving any refunds. I had 4 extra bodies in the house for 4 days, we survived without killing each other. I just fed them all the time, we were all house bound and I baked about a million scones for us and our neighbours, I never want to see a scone ever again.

It could have turned sour if we lost wifi or electricity but thankfully we could escape each other for time outs when needed


I would definitely refund if he’s a repeat and a good guest as well, particularly if he’s a mid-weeker.

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My questions:

  • Did he actually ask for a refund?
  • Is he himself paying? Or does his employer pay? It might not make a difference to him if you refund.
  • If I understand well, he totally missed checkout on the day he left, so in that sense he shouldn’t be entitled to a refund.

If he asked I would refund anyway: There’s no sense in arguing with a valuable guest.
If he didn’t ask, you could offer refund or offer something else to make up for the night lost.


I’d be more inclined to give him a gift card or something like that equal to the value of one night. A refund might go to his company or to him to pay bills at home. I’d give him something that is personal for him to enjoy.


Yes for the same reason others give. I give my returning guests a low low rate for booking early especially on weekdays.

I would definitely offer him a free night’s stay on his next rental…since he stays multiple times each month. If there is no next time…well, there it is. :wink:

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I agree with GutHends line of thought, his company may be paying, so he doesn’t give a fig about a refund.
Also, from the guests point of view, he may be wondering wether or not to ask for a refund. He may well have gone on to a ‘guests forum’ to post a thread, and all the replies may have said 'no, you obviously value that rental, so don’t upset them by asking for a refund!'
If it’s BP paying the fee (for example), who would we rather keeps the money!

I wish I’d read your reply earlier! I told him he could just pay for 2 nights next week instead of 3. He is with us for 9 more nights & then his contract ends in this area.
I then thought that his employer is more than likely paying for his accommodation.
Anyway its done now & he is after all THE easiest guest I’ve had stay. We only rent out one small room in our home & we hardly see him. He doesn’t have breakfast or even tea & coffee & I’ve had extra income at what is a very quiet time of year.


In my experience of people staying for work 95% of them are self employed so a refund does go direct to the individual concerned. I’d be interested to know if if he people get a high number of businesses bookings where they don’t think the individual is paying for themselves