Guest left early cliaiming they were bitten by fleas or bed bugs

My guest left early claiming they were bitten by fleas or bed bugs and requesting a full refund. I have since called in the pest professionals for an inspection - who have given me a written no bugs found. The night before they left they had spent down by the canal at the bottom of my garden, Only one of the two guests was bitten. They stayed 3 nights before any mention of a problem. They have not cancelled as yet with Airbnb what is the best course of action.

Chances are that they were bitten by mosquitos outdoors. You have the inspection result saying that you’re all clear so don’t refund and ignore their claim. If they complain to Airbnb - or leave a review claiming that they were bitten by bedbugs - just show Airbnb your inspection report.

Personally, I’d frighten the guests by telling them that I’m claiming from them for the cost of the inspection :slight_smile:


No refund for anything – it’s a scam. As @jaquo says – turn the tables by telling them you are charging them for the cost of the inspection, plus the aggro.


Thanks for the advice.

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Send them an AirBnB message, telling them that the professionals didn’t find anything and that therefor you will not be issuing any refund.
Do NOT mention cancelling. Do NOT do the cancelling for them, if they want to cancel, they themselves should cancel.

Do they still have nights left on their reservation?

After their cancellation or official checkout, I wouldn’t just tell them you will be claiming, but I would actually claim the money. How ridiculous to get bitten outside and then claim it where bugs residing in your place.


Like the others said send them a claim for the cost, and quick!!!

It has not been mentioned by others, but if they claim first and mention “bedbugs” to AirBnB, there is a big chance your listing will be closed.

So be pro-active and do a pre-emptive claim to protect your account.


Hi Chris, my refund policy when they booked was flexible which gives them a refund for the remaining days. Airbnb contacted me today to let me know they had canceled and how much they are being refunded. As far as them mentioning bedbugs, I had the place checked by the professionals and received the all clear. There was no charge involved. I did receive a document stating this. If they still insist bedbugs I surely have some legal recourse as the place is clear of anything. And I would imaging Airbnb has to look into any false claims before closing a listing down.

I am not sure about the refund process. Do Airbnb take the refund out of my bank account or do I have to send them a payment?

This is dreadful. I really like the idea of you calling the inspector. Thumbs down.

I would imagine that Airbnb will close you down in a heartbeat at the mention of bedbugs. They will not ask questions.

So in your case send a follow up message to your guests and let them know that your listing is clear of bugs. Send them a photo of the letter.

You’d think, wouldn’t you? But there are many instances of this not happening. It’s far easier to just click that “de-activate” button. Be prepared to be very VOCAL and persistent if they give you any grief.

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AirBnB has a “close first, ask later” policy.
They will shut you down, cancel your bookings, and will then ask you to proof you listing is bug free. It could take days or weeks to get your listing reopened again.

I just had a guest make a bed bug claim in her review. She never called me or bothered to show pictures other than leave a review stating she seen them. I had the home inspected by a professional and nothing was found. I offered to send Airbnb and the clean bill of being bug free in hopes to get the review removed and no dice! On a phone call they told me it wasn’t up to them to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying or mistaken! Thus far they have not canceled my future stays, so they seem to believe me but the review will stick.

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Guest claimed bed bugs in review, no communication during stay. Exterminator I called in immediately found property to be completely bug free, I sent Airbnb documentation. Airbnb CS says they cannot remove the review as it is "not up to them to decide."Pls remove! #AirbnbHelp