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Guest left a persistent dirty smell in my room again, should I have a rule about guests own linen?


I knew about the N word, but it saddens me that a beautiful word like Oriental now has PC connotations. I have always loved that word because it conjures up some wonderful imagery. And I plan to go to the Orient! Done Japan, Hong Kong…China is next!


The article said the word has connotations of objects rather than people. (Carpets etc?) I can see their point.


Oh, teenage boy humor. :slight_smile:


I like ammonia for odours. Before making up the room spray lightly with an ammonia solution. Nails evening.


Doesn’t ammonia smell of wee


Not unless you pee in it first!

It’s a strong odour at first but it airs about an hour. Very good on sweaty odours.


Well I think it smells of pee. Pee has ammonia in it.


Ammonia is used a lot for cleaning in Spain and in fact is the only thing that gets my infamous mud-coloured tiles anywhere near looking 5* clean. I think the ammonia we buy for cleaning must be diluted - it does smell a bit at first but soon goes away and leaves everything “sparkling clean” in Airbnbspeak!


The correct term these days is ‘Asian’


Many thanks. Please excuse my ignorance but I have not lived in an English speaking country for decades so my English is not up to date.


I put charcoal in two open dishes one under each bed. The charcoal absorbs smells. Also, if my guests are going to cook in the kitchen I leave a cup of vinegar on the counter. This absorbs smells such as that of garlic.
My last Asian guest got his nose knocked out of joint over the vinegar but he did cut down on the garlic after that.

My house is too wide open for air fresheners. A whole can at a time doesn’t seem to do any good but the old wives remedies seem to work

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