Guest left 5 star review but incl home addr; airbnb wont remove addr

I had a guest leave a 5 star review but they included my home address in the review. I asked airbnb to keep review but to block address due to security reasons and they refused. I called several times & tried to escalate request but they only agreed to remove entire review which means I would lose a 5 star review. I don’t think this is fair, I work very hard to provide 5 star service & I don’t want to lose review. Has anyone had this happen to them? It happened a year ago to me & they edited out address, but now they say that they are not allowed to ever edit reviews. I find it ironic that they block web site, phone numbers etc but wont block my address. I raised concerns about security several times via email & phone but they only agree to remove entire review as a resolution.

They can edit, I’m positive. Escalate to twitter.


Yes, they can edit.

Call them again at a different time. So you get a helpdesk in another timezone, they sometimes have different views.:wink:


I tried twitter and email. First cust rep escalated up chain and worked on it for a few days and came back saying they wont edit reviews any longer. I will see if twitter or email give me any better results. I will also try calling back as suggested - but last time i called it was escalated to higher level since first level are not allowed to edit, and that higher level rep was the one that tried for days to get it resolved.

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Here is twitter reply:
Hi Martha, due to legal reasons we can’t edit the content of reviews. We can only have a review removed if it’s violating our guidelines. Since the review you recently received contains your address it is violating our guidelines and therefore has to be removed. We seek your understanding that we support the decision made by your case manager and also recommend referring to the email thread with her. We’re sure this will not affect you in a bad way at all since you have a beautiful listing with plenty of super positive reviews, so no need to worry. Thanks for understanding.

Oh brother, the typical CSR flattery. Can you ask them if they can give the guest a chance to write a new review without the address?

For a 3 billion-dollar valuated tech company, why is this not doable?!!!


Twitter help rejected request saying it was because of legal reasons.
I put my feedback into their feedback loop on airBnb help but you don’t get response from that.
I also requested email addrs of 3 levels of upper management from twitter help.
They just told me they will reassign to new case manager to review again. Fingers crossed!

Persistence paid off and they edited the review to remove my home address! I am grateful they were able to resolve it althoughit took quite a few emails/calls/twitter messages.


The Airbnb Service Motto:

“The difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a little longer, (and a bit of kvetching).”


So glad to hear this! I am not sure what I would have done in your situation, but I would have been pretty upset with the initial response.

I think persistence is they key with any issue - they keep customer service staff lean so it’s really annoying to complain, then come back with canned responses for generic problems without taking into account the specific details that make your situation unique. They are banking on people deciding it’s not worth the time/effort to follow up or escalate, and most people reach that conclusion. Good for you for standing up for your privacy.


Wow, I hope this email finds you well! :tada::+1::rofl::rofl:

I PROMISE you this is DO-able. I’ve had exactly the same experience from a guest putting “I’d happily stay at anytime again and would recommend it without reservation to anyone”. I successfully got AirBnB to replace with “this listing” without too much work. If you need to, escalate it to the AirBnB safety team about how it’s a risk to all other guests. THEY will fix it for sure.