Guest leaves because they didn't like neighborhood or feel safe

This is a new one and an upsetting one. I had guest check in late last night -10:30. I live in a big East coast city. I went so far as to take the five minute walk to the subway with her to show her everything at 10:30 at night! I even mentioned she might see my wife or daughter in the morning to walk together. She seemed confused about the subway card and they would have helped her. I do everything I can to make a guest feel comfortable, especially a solo female traveler. And she had to get up right the next morning for work. I did tell her we would not be in for the last five days of our visit and that five houses there is someone who can answer any question or need. She would have already been with us a week. This is a private entrance private apt. It makes no difference whether we are there or not. In fact we rarely see our guests beyond checkin. So she writes that she has decided to stay with a friend. :

" just don’t feel safe there. I’m coming to pick up my things. I’ll leave the keys just as they were when I got here, in the door. Thanks so much"

This is upsetting to us, but we feel she is just shallow and naive.

I really think she has never been in a typical urban environment,being very careful about how i say this…

This is a very clean quiet and safe neighborhood. I don’t think she was expecting an urban neighborhood. i want to be very careful how i answer her. but I would really like to know what she perceived as being unsafe. my guests love the neighborhood, including female travelers who have commented how safe and nice it was.
She has not asked for any refund.

thanks for all advice and commentary

Forgive me if I misunderstand but when you say ‘urban’ are you actually saying ‘black people live around here’? I’m from UK and find the whole American race stuff completely baffling. So I’m not going to be much help. Except, please everyone, stop with the euphemisms. Racism always needs called out, particularly in all those little itty bitty corners that it likes to hide.


Sure Euphemism Apologies. Black Caribbean neighborhood.And she was on he opposite end of the spectrum. I think it is clearly racist and my wife and i are furious.


Oh for Christ’s sake… this kind of crap just pisses me off, and I am about as white as you can be.


What to say? Ignorant people are ignorant. All you can do is move on. And do not, under any circumstances, entertain any subsequent request for a refund. And if she leaves a review, think long and hard about how to answer.
Sorry this happened, it’s so shit.


And since AirBNB pretends to be about diversity, I would mention this when the guest asks for that refund!


me too I’m white in a Caribbean neighborhood!


Good point. Guests need calling out as well as hosts. What does the Terms say, something like "we do not welcome anyone on our platform who…etc’ so that should include guests too.


I would email to ask specifically what made her feel unsafe. Unless there is more that you haven’t mentioned in your post; your guest didn’t specify that it was the neighborhood that made her feel unsafe.

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I’m thinking about asking her specifically why did she feel unsafe…or do i even want to open that conversation?

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I would leave it, she is not coming back, you get paid.


No she mentioned that she felt she couldn’t come and go as she pleased because of her safety.

I think that it’s a good idea to politely ask what was the problem. EllenN has a v good point that we’re all assuming it’s racism when maybe it was something else. Ask her politely, what’s the worst that could happen? Plus you need to know for future business.


That is true. I will ask her.

Cool, it’s never good to make assumptions is it? Let us know the outcome?

Did she specify that it was because of the neighborhood? I have a friend who is unusually concerned about stranger danger no matter the neighborhood. She is concerned about her safety if there are trees growing near the house because she believes that bad people could hide behind them. She is concerned if the house is on an alley because bad people can jump over the fence. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.


You know, Mountain… don’t. Let it go. Nothing you say will make any difference. Don’t let the little princess upset you. Look what she missed out on. I bet you there is some awesome eating in that neighborhood! Her loss.

I’ve had guests arrive, look around at the million dollar ocean view and say…

Well this isn’t our idea of Hawaii.

No! Certainly not if you were expecting Resort World and fake beach world and Atlantic dolphins in a small lagoon world.


Ok I just asked her. I’ll let you know.

This is probably a situation that will unfortunately come up again for some.

You are right Konacoconuts, you can walk down to the corner and get a plate of jerk chicken or curried goat to die for. and for $9! feeds two. LOL Well too late i asked her but will drop the whole thing.

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Thank goodness for this forum!

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