Guest just put our address in her public review!

Lol. It’s not me doing anything illegal, immoral, antisocial etc. it’s the guests of course!

There’s a thread elsewhere pointing to a well researched article saying that burglars have already used Airbnb and triangulated to find the address. Why make it easier? In no way is it worth taking the chance. Zero gain for possible pain. (Unless of course you choose yourself to disclose your address online then that’s your decision and you’ve prepared for it.)

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Sounds like I should change my locks once my Airbnb venture is over. To make things worse, my wife had the bad habit of not locking our front door at night!

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my wife had the bad habit of not locking our front door at night!

Oh no! That’s against my house rules lol.

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There was story about a Melbourne woman who was convicted of 18 counts of stealing luggage off the airport baggage carousel. In one case she then legged it to the house of the people and burgled that as well. Presumably she found the address and spare set of keys in their luggage and figured they’d be held up at the airport trying to sort out their “lost” luggage. You have to give her points for making the most of the situation.


It would be easy for a burglar to register as a potential guest on Airbnb, then look at people’s calendars to see when listings are vacant. Why publish the address to make it easier for them.


This isn’t a poll ,I know, but I want to add my vote to the ‘don’t care if my address is out there’ contingent.

We once had a guest who put the name of our property in his review. Not the address, but the name is on the outside of the property in letters that are about a foot high so it’s pretty visible. But if anyone really wanted to identify where we are, it’s pretty easy from the description and the photographs.

Our rentals are separate apartments but I’m on site. In the old days, when I was a B & B landlady, and DID host guests in my own home, then I could have anybody landing o the doorstep looking for a room. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for some stranger to turn up with a suitcase in the evening.


Since we never get bookings within a week of arrival, I always block off open nights about a week ahead of time. It’s my “security block”