Guest is my address to receive a package


A guest who is booked in with me for 6 nights(has only stayed 2 so far) called me to ask if he could get a refund and he had to leave for family emergency. I told it was too late for me to refund him and that it would not be possible to which he then asked if his cousin to come and spend the night - I politely declined.
He just came back home and asked me if a package had arrived for him, after he had seen my neighbour package outside their door, he stated that he had ordered it before he arrived. Its a bit weird now how he wanted to leave earlier and now he has a package coming.

Ideas of what to do anyone?

Actually, he is no longer leaving. Initially when he called me to ask for refund because he wanted to leave, I told him I couldn’t. 30mins later he came back home and asked if a package had arrived for him.

Maybe I’m sweating the small stuff, thanks Robert.

I think it’s a huge hassle to have guests receive packages and mail. I’m still getting JCrew catalogues and bank statements 2 years later for a guest that used my address for something. At the time the guest asked, I said no, please get a PO box. Guest didn’t, put their name on the mailbox and had the mail delivered anyhow. What might seem like an innocent thing can actually have long term implications.

Now I have a local UPS access point in my welcome materials. Less hassle all around.

Good for you for not saying yes to the refund - it’s up to the host to set the cancellation policy that fits best for them, up to the guest to accept this policy if they want to book, and up to both to respect the boundaries in place.

It’s really rude and disrespectful to just assume it is OK for them to have a package delivered without even asking you. For reasons too obvious to enumerate!!! What if it is contraband!!! YOU, the addressee, will be held responsible! The potential consequences of accepting mail by unknown persons (let’s face it, AirBnB guests are basically unknown persons) are far worse than a deluge of catalogs arriving. It’s hardly a petty thing. I’ve had guests ask me to receive their packages, (one just wanted to send new contact lenses here) and I’ve always had to decline. Fortunately, we’re on a rural route that doesn’t get mail delivered to the house which makes my denial easy.

Frankly this whole situation sounds dodgy. I would leave this guest a negative review. Just that he’s been so weird about the reservation, had something unknown delivered to your house without permission and then wanted the cousin come in to (probably) get his package of drugs is all weird.

Robert, as an English major, I don’t understand your reference to Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene, where she incriminates herself in the murder conspiracy with the famous “out damn’d spot, hell is murky” line. How is that relevant to this question? Or are you still obsessing about your own damn’d gasoline spot that won’t come out no matter how much you wash it? At least there is not murder involved. That we know of. LOL. :smile:


I read on another or this? forum a story of a guest needed the address for a delivery of a package of some drugs. The guest didnt came, had some delay he said but called everyday if the package was delivered. Suddenly the police arrived after the delivery. I would be careful.