Guest in my room

Hi everyone, I have been travelling and haven’t posted in a while …back now.

I am back from my trips and the guest was supposed to arrive. We have everything set ready for self check in so I knew I could do my things and greet the guest later. And so I went to shower and as I was laying, let’s say, clothe-less, in my bed after shower, the guest (female) opened my room door, stared at me and looked all around my bedroom. All this meanwhile I was all scared and told her in angry manner 'close he door please! Please leave my room! No!!! Get out!!! It took her almost close to a full minute to leave my room. I had to try to cover myself with a pillow while I continuously tried to get her out. She had her eyes all over me and the bedroom as a whole. I called my husband in the phone right away as I couldn’t believe what had just happened. My door was not locked (I forgot to lock it, guess the jetleg affecting my brain) but it was closed. As well as all my other personal rooms were closed but unlocked. We have it clearly stated in the listing no access to our private bedrooms. I told my husband I can’t see them or I can’t respond for actions. Am I exaggerating? They are supposed to stay 2 nights.

They were so rude I can’t believe. After she left my room I covered myself with a robe and went to tell them their room is such and such. They looked at me angry as if they wanted to murder me. I believe my face was nothing less than that too.

They are a mother and a adult daughter. The mother took my wet clothes out of the washing machine and put on the dining table (!) She also did her laundry less than 10 minutes after they arrived. We also clearly state laundry are for guests staying minimum of 3 nights.

I don’t want to see them during their whole stay, but we live in the same house. I can’t control myself and be ‘nice’ with them after this. They haven’t said sorry, or anything. No apologies for nothing at all! They only didn’t see where women give birth, other than that they saw alk my body. I am so angry I can’t believe. I told my husband to have them removed but I believe the whole hassle with Airbnb will last more than the 2 nights stay. Now is their first morning here.
I get naked no where, not even in front of my own mother, I just can’t believe this.

Has this happened to anyone? Guests being in your bedroom? I was almost screaming at her and she stood here… unbelievable!

In addition to that, they were loud, left out key box open (which for safety we highlight guests need to close), I heard they complaining there were too many people living in the apartment (our apartment is large so we have many rooms for personal use, I guess she thought every door is an Airbnb room…) , Slammed doors, etc. Completely clueless people. How did these women passed puberty?!
I thought Airbnb is for adults!

Sorry for venting as well.

That sounds horrible!!! You have my sympathy!!!

Were they Asian? My son is Chinese, and we had a hell of a time getting him to learn to knock on doors. In his thinking, if the door was unlocked, it was meant to be open. Oh! The discussions we had! He understands now. I’m not making excuses for them - perhaps it was totally clear and they were just being nosy. Maybe the daughter was just as shocked as you were, and frozen in surprise?

We had something similar, but the guests walked in on a student living with us - also just out of the shower. I then put a sign on her door in several languages saying ‘private’. Fixed the problem. Is it possible they just misunderstood? In our situation the guests had dropped their bags and ran out to do some sightseeing, so I think they were just confused when they came home. However, they did apologize

Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the support, @dcmooney . Yes, they were Asian. I had my suitcase open on the floor and she eve tilted her head to check it out also, hard for me to think she was shocked. And when u faced them there was no apologies. To me or my husband when he brought it up.

We have over 100 trips completed and about 60 percent are from mainland China and although some of them were clueless in many ways, they never opened a closed door.

I can even try to understand the culture difference, but no apologies?

Btw, I saw them this morning, it took all of me to say good morning to them and I did with a (fake) good face. What I got in return ? A snob turned face and angry look checking my out head to toes.

These will be the longest hours until check out, I guess

I have no words… just empathy and shock for you. So sorry that this guest has upset you so much. Shouldn’t happen in our own homes.

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That’s pretty strange.

I had one Asian guest who wouldn’t shut the bathroom door when she would use the toilet. My ex and I both walked in on her.

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Eeeewwww. - that’s horrible


Oh, sounds absolutely horrible!!! Yes, that sounds totally odd, very creepy. I would be tempted to report them to airbnb.


They check out tomorrow. I have only 5 star reviews for this listing. I don’t want to trouble my weekend with the uselessness of Airbnb because, per my experience, they will take the whole day trying to persuade me to stay with them. I think they will talk about my less than amused face to them when they were in my room , but my review will say what they have done.

I will report them to Airbnb and of course the big no recommend. Poor hosts who will get them after me.


This reminds me the movie poster: ‘The Shining’.
Instead of Jack Nicholson, imagine the face of your current Airbnb guest.


Dare I say her face looked even more scary than this one :confused:


I hope no one rents to them again on Air. Was it both the daughter and mother who were looking in your room? I know you said they both looked like they wanted to murder you.

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Yes, @cabinhost, yes … . Terrible experience and today terrible experience with Air because of them . Tomorrow when I am more calm about the situation I will update the thread. No one deserve those guests.

Is the bad guest lounge still on?

O wow, thats a pretty big invasion of privacy. So…she was just staring at you laying there without your clothes on?
I am going to tell you a story of what happened to me and my friend in Corean retreat in New Jersey.
May be thats will explain somehow this starring thing.
This retreat thing was separately for women and men, and we all had to take our clothes off. I am on a shy side by nature, but friend could not care less. Most women in this retreat were Asian, we were one of the very few white women there and as we all know our body types are completely different. It was bad enough to walk around undressed but it was even worse with all the stares. Really the stares were unbearable for me, but my friend giigled the whole time. These asian girls just stood there in groups, looking at us and DISCUSSING us. Dont they watch TV? Dont they know that some women actually HAVE bottoms and breasts?
Anyway, i was extremely uncomfortable.

Tell us, tell us. you will feel better.


The bad guest lounge reached a liimit of maximum posts allowed. So it’s no longer active. But you could always post a copy of the review they left, or of the review you left them ( only if you’re comfortable with that). I think hosts would easily be able to google the review to find their profile.

I can bet you are feeling angry and violated. I have no idea what I would have done because I would have lost my mind. I definitely could not have lived with them under the same roof. Looking forward to update once you feel calmer. Sending you positive energy

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Are you a “foreigner”? If so, she probably just wanted to check out what a “foreigner” looked like naked. Chinese people from the Mainland can be very very nosy and don’t have the same concepts of privacy and personal boundaries.

One of the worst experiences in my life was being in a public restroom in China were the stalls had no doors. There were squat toilets. I had really bad gastrointestinal problems and all these women who were migrants from the countryside and not used to seeing foreigners up close were staring at me and my big white derrière. They were gossiping about me and trying to give me advice about what to do about said gastrointestinal issues.

You may need to put a sign on your door that says in Mandarin and English, “No guest entry.”


O my god… thats even worse than my staring bath contest


I always love your added perspective @Garden1Gnome on Chinese culture.

When you say they don’t have the same concept of privacy - does that mean they would not care if the roles were reversed. Let’s say they were Air hosts, and my foreign butt went to stay with them. Would it be okay for me to open their bedroom and stare at them naked, and just stand there looking at the room - also ignoring pleas to leave??


It’s hard to say. If you were a man, definitely not OK. But if a woman did that, I think they might find it funny, though I’m not certain.

Oh yes…I meant female only scenario: two American females traveling together and opening the bedroom door of the Chinese person.

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@Vera… I’ll send you a PM.

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