Guest-host problem adjusting reservation

I requested my stay be increased by one day, but host doesn’t seem to be able to send me the correction. Can someone tell me how it’s done, so I can email host, who is a superhost.

I don’t know the exact steps Louise. But I believe that you can click on the reservation and alter it to send a request for the host to accept.

The host needs to go to the calendar and click on the trip. Then on the right (this is on a laptop and not the app) there’s a link to ‘alter or cancel’. They should click that and take it from there.

Guests can also submit a change. Happened a lot to me lately… getting an AirBNB message with the request. Then all I have to do is accept.

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Guest can also make a new booking for the extended day.

True, but they won’t want to if there is a cleaning fee since now they would pay it twice.


Also, I believe that Airbnb’s fee for the guest is lower for a more expensive stay.