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Guest has requested I cancel his trip

Hi everyone, this is sunny London calling!

I’m confused here! I got an automated message today saying a guest wants ME to cancel their stay and that I will get cancellation penalties for it. I’ve never been a guest myself so I don’t know what tools are available to them for cancelling, but am I meant to be the one cancelling and getting penalised for HIS change of plans? Eeeek! This is just cruel on Air’s part, or am I missing something? I’m freaking out here.

Here’s the message:
"Jfhjkjhkjh requests that you cancel
May 19th – May 21st · Airy room in modern Shoreditch flat · 1 guest
If you cancel the reservation, the cancellation will be effective immediately. Standard host penalties will apply but you can always let us know about an extenuating circumstance after cancelling the reservation.

If you keep the reservation, you’re letting Jf know that you’re still able to host them during their trip."

Do not cancel! As you say, penalties will apply. You are still willing to host the guest and it has been the guest’s decision to cancel so why should you pay a penalty? Plus, you’re already losing money because of the cancellation. You might not be able to rent the room for those dates so you’ve lost out.

Don’t be bullied into cancelling! That’s the guest’s job.


Thanks for your reply Jaquo. Does that mean the guest can do the cancelling from their end? If so I’ll send him a message and ask for that.

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Yes, they can. They might try to resist depending on your cancellation policy (in other words, what sort of refund they will get) but it’s they who decided to cancel, not you. So avoid those penalties!

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I wrote to him and explained and he cancelled, so it’s all good now. Thank you so much Jaquo for helping me here! I am still a fairly new host but I hope I can contribute with help and advice on here myself one day.


Good to have you here @eyeborg - I learn a lot here and know I will in the future.

I’m glad it worked out well for you :slight_smile:


A lot of guests don’t know how to do the basic functions on the website so it’s good to just explain it to them.

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Oh, SO many of them don’t understand how to properly use the app!
So many times they ask me questions, which I happily answer, but then they send me a message back, saying “your message got cut off”, and if they are using their phone (does NO ONE have a laptop anymore?) and they are getting text alerts, then yes, they are only going to see the first few words of the response. I then have to explain to them how to go into their app and open their ABB email within the app. But ya know, THAT message gets cut off also. So annoying and it’s happened to me twice this year.

Wow, that is pretty dumb!

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