Guest guide book information on listing

Hosts that provide more additional information on the guide book information portion of listing (ie. places to see, eat, shop, etc.), does that help your bookings? Thanks

I have gone to a great deal of trouble to fill out my online guide book. But I also have a physical guide book in my house. I get a lot of compliments on that physical guidebook. And I’m constantly adding to it. I also suggest that the guests add brochures or menus from places that they found that might not be in there. It shows guests that you care that they have a good time. In my physical guidebook I also have a page it has a picture of myself and my husband and a really brief history of the house and our general backgrounds. Guests have even said that it was really cool to have that as well because my listing is self check in.


I echo @AvaH in that my onsite house manual with maps, menus, house manual, house rules, info about the space, the area, etc… is received very well by guests. As a bonus, about 95% of guests adhere to my checkout requests, which are sandwiched in between all the goodies-for-the-guest stuff. On the other hand, no guest has ever made a comment about my guidebook–not. a. single. one. :rofl:


I don’t think the on-line guidebook is worth the effort; especially since we’ve gone to the effort of making a nice big on-site manual with restaurant menus, articles, list of restaurants, maps, everything a guest could want…


Thank you, I am finding the same…

I did a pretty good online Guidebook and have one at the house as well. I’ve had sooooo many people ask about things to do/eat that I suspect they aren’t even aware that the online version exists.


I don’t like the online guidebook and, like others, provide my own, which is very detailed and I keep updated. I also go down to the tourist information office every couple of months and keep the place stocked with brochures and booklets of attractions, maps, bus and ferry schedules, etc. I also pick up copies of our local small paper that lists concerts and other things going on that comes out every 2 weeks. I send my guidebook and some other additional info ahead of time. I often let them know things of interest they might want to attend happening here during their booking (festivals, music, etc.). I get my guidebook and recommendations mentioned in reviews &/or the private feedback all the time. For me it’s one of the reasons I wanted to host; I love helping people with their trips so this aspect of it I really enjoy. If it paid well I would love to be a concierge, LOL.

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I created an online guide book. No one uses it. Waste of hours of my time.

I have a guidebook/manual in the unit. It gets used. After a guest reservation is confirmed I send the link to the local “things to do here” website.

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Yes, that’s what I’m finding. I put a lot of time into the house manual. Why repeat myself.

I have a printed guide in the room which gets used and commented on a lot. I used to put stuff online but I found that other local hosts were copying it, so I don’t do that anymore.