Guest gets 3 stars for poor communication

Our Legislature went into another special session, and of course there are no hotel rooms during our summer high season. Staffer Instant Books with me with only one review which was a generic review (“left no mess, obeyed House Rules”), with the message “Coming for work. Prefer text messaging.”

In my on-Air reply I noted that I do all communcations on the Air Platform, and that I will be sending check-in instructions 2 days ahead and the door code when the room is ready, and asking for estimated arrival time. No reply, no text about arrival time, nothing for 3 days. Then at 11 at night, he texts me asking for address, which I sent.

My review:

“This apparently was Peter’s second Air stay. He was affable, and we hardly ever saw him because he was in town for work and had long hours. Though I insisted that all communications be on the Air platform, he failed to read the House Rules and his check-in instructions with combination, and sent text messages asking for the address, and then for the door combo when he arrived very late. Because he never read the instructions, he never locked the door as required by the House Rules. I’m not sure I’d have him again.”

Gave him 3 stars for communication, 3 for house rules, and thumbs down. Better suited for a hotel, IMHO. Since he doesn’t bother receiving Air messages I’m not worried about a review, and I’ll bet he won’t even read it when he logs in and tries to book with AirBnB several months from now.

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Guests like these are certainly annoying. If this guest had come to my house, he’d not have gotten a response at 11:00PM.

One thing about hosting strangers that will never change is some of them will annoy the *%#@ out of you. I really wish Air would add a star category for guests - Is this guest’s demonstrable IQ high enough to use Airbnb?

I’d knock off at least one star for my current guest who, despite clear instructions and a conversation with me, cannot figure out where to park her car. My driveway easily fits 4 cars, with all of them being able to come and go as they please, IF people park approximately where I tell them to. This dimwit has managed to make it so I have to park my two cars on the street, has blocked in the other guest’s car and made it so people have to walk through a flower bed to access the walkway.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Coffee sprayed everywhere, good one!

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