Guest Fees - 15% a day?!


I have been hosting a year and have NOT made any changes to my daily prices. However last few months Airbnb have increased the guest fee to 15% a day…which forces me to at time drop my prices to compensate and to keep bookings flowing.

My question with this. In my area rent prices have steadily increased while with Airbnb Im forced to steadily reduce my prices. All so much work for not much difference? Why doesn’t Airbnb keep the guest fee to a reasonable amount because 15% is way too high! And ultimately it’s actually us hosts who are paying…

Guest fee? you mean the total Airbnb charge on your listing is 18% - 3% from you and 15% from the guest? If so - not happening here in Australia - where are you?

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Debthecat yes 18% if include my 3% service fee. I’m in Melbourne Australia

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@Helenita you might be interested in this:

Agreed. I want to keep hosting but the rent in my area is increasing heaps so will stop in a year. Bc the only reason I’m doing Airbnb is to make more profit as oppose to regular rent…which you don’t pay utilities, supplies…washing and cleaning…