Guest Fee waived but HOSTS now automatically charged 15% commission by Airbnb

It is not a benefit to this host because I am booked up with my strict policy. I do not want guests who may cancel, I will not even allow reservation changes.


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Starts in Australia November 1!
Time to update that pricing

@Debthecat, let us know how it goes. I read multiple stories about how Airbnb messed up payouts on reservations that were booked before the host switched to the new pricing model. Hosts claimed Airbnb was taking 15% out of the host payout from the pre-adjusted nightly rate, which means they also kept the ~14% guest fees. I don’t remember seeing any follow-up on how those hosts got it resolved.

Will do. My concerns are for when there is a cancellation and the guest wants a FULL refund including all fees. They wont be happy if they have to chase Airbnb and the wonderful review that may appear.

Hi Deb, I am in Perth and have not been notified of this change, where are you?

Northern NSW with 4 entire homes

Now being implemented in Spain from the 7th Dec, just received the email today.

However, a slight difference to the one on the CC:

Why your listings are affected

This change applies to you because you have a listing in a selected country and connect to Airbnb using third-party software.

Is it only those who have a channel manager, or is it all Spanish hosts?

Maybe @Malagachica or @bevandian can answer that one, or any other Spanish hosts on here.

I know I’ve got a bit of time on my hands these days :wink: but I’ve been down this road before, changing to all inclusive then back again and it’s a nuisance. Our prices vary quite considerably over a twelve month period, mainly due to the number events we get folks coming here for.

Paint the kitchen ceiling or price twiddle as I may as well get it out of the way now… choices, choices.


I have the same in Sweden. I have to put in all incluse and I don’t like it as I will pay taxes on the clients parts that I will have to charged so basically higher price for the client.
I don’t get why they want to make it compulsory

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Could you write off the client’s part of the fee as a business expense?

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Not in Sweden you are paying tax on the gross income if you are not a company

In the US, it’s easy to set up a business and get a business license. My husband and I own an LLC (a limited liability corporation). Is something like that not easy to do in Sweden?

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Not as easy in Sweden and much more administrative work

Will the gouvernement tax be included in the hosts’ room rates? Or will Airbnb continue to collect the tax directly from guests? Gouvernement/hotel/tourist tax is a percentage on the room rate (and not on the Airbnb service fee), which will inevitably be higher If hosts include the 14 or 15% Airbnb service fee in their new room rates.

Are you not allowed to offset expenses, against the gross?


No not as a private person.

Absolutely mystified … I haven’t received anything … what does it mean by connect to AirBnb by a third party? My prices are very low, if they take 15% I may have to stop. Horrified!

The fee paid by host isn’t everywhere yet. Your listing may not be affected.

Third party software link usually means you are using a property Management company instead of managing your listing

If you haven’t been contacted yet then there is nothing for you to do. That said, if it rolls out to all hosts then you simply increase your nightly price to compensate for the increased commission, which means your nightly price pretty much stays the same, to the guests.

I’d be wary though, and check your listing (using a different browser) when this does come into effect. You just never know with Airbnb…


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Uhm, raise your prices 12% and you will be even, you are paying 3 now and the guest pays the fee.

As I understand it taxes will continue to be guest paid. An example

Nightly rate including 15% Airbnb booking fee:
$115 ($100 to host, $15 to Airbnb)
Depends on your area, mine is 13% state & local hotel tax so $14.95
Guest pays $129.95 per night

The tax in my area is a guest tax and Airbnb forwards it to the state