Guest Experiences Bodily Injury on Your Property

Has anyone had a guest fall and break a bone on your property and had to spend most of their stay in the hospital? Did you work with Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance? I’m wondering what that process might be like.

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It’s not that I’m cynical but I get the impression that any sort of claim from Airbnb is time-consuming and stressful. (I might be wrong, of course).

Guests being injured on your property is why you have STR insurance.


I would think that any sort of claim is going to be stressful, even if you have STR insurance.

However, with a good STR policy you shouldn’t have the stress of ‘Will I be covered?’

But there’s still the personal stress of whether you were personally negligent/careless and someone hurt as a result of that. If there’s a lawsuit there might be depositions taken, trial testimony to prepare for. Preparation for a trial (and claims usually settle on the eve of trial) can easily take five years or so. So it can be ‘hanging over’ you for awhile.

Even with a good insurance policy there’s perhaps a concern of whether premiums will go up or the policy not renewed.

These are some of the reasons I think it makes sense to consider how safe you can make your property. Here’s one checklist previously posted here.

Sometimes people think ‘I have insurance’ and then cross ‘safety’ off their to-do list. But that would be a mistake – safety is a recurring issue for every Host. [And every additional guest/visitor you allow on to the property increases your potential liability.]

Over 80% of all lawsuits in STRs are for trips and falls. Preventing trip hazards and lighting are very important, as are hand rails, inside and outside.


I have a “B&B endorsement” on my homeowner’s insurance policy, and it specifically states it overrides the conventional coverage where is states business pursuits would not otherwise be covered. I was more curious about Airbnb’s protection, and whether any hosts dealt with a guest’s claim. I guess I am about to find out.

Yeah, I think it’s case by case, and the particulars of the situation will shape the outcome.

I would suppose that you should advise your insurer of the incident, though doing so probably has pro’s and cons. [You might be required to do so under the policy.]

Suits are VERY ugly. Haven’t had a home one but spent 4 years with a $>1M motor vehicle suit. I don’t count on Airbnb for anything except a listing. Protect yourself with liability insurance that covers your STR.


I would be a bit concerned about involving Airbnb at all, lest admitting a guest got injured on your property could trigger one of their stupid “safety issue” suspensions of your listing.


I use Proper Insurance that covers injuries for both household help and guests.
I also strongly recommend you learn all you can from Justin Ford- the STR Safety Expert,
Assure your home is not a liability!

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Good find, @dmartin336 !

Justin Ford works for Breezeway and here’s a post of their safety checklist.

I got one form Men’s Wearhouse and my wife and I thought I looked pretty smart in it. /s


I have had two trip and fall incidents at my STR. Both times Airbnb stepped in and took care of everything. I reported the incidents right away and ABB was quick to follow up with me.

In both cases it was clearly the guests fault (one was careless, one was drunk off his a$$) so that helped my situation too.

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Unfortunately, not many insurers offer STR insurance in Massachusetts. We went to 2-3 brokers before one finally found a company in Vermont that offered a B&B endorsement. I doubt Proper will properly insure us.

I appreciate the unsolicited insurance information. That’s not all what I was asking for.

Full disclosure, I’m the one who fell on an Airbnb property and spent the better half of my vacation in the hospital. I’ve already contacted AirCover, and they seem to have no-fault coverage for bodily injury on an Airbnb property. I was simply curious what other hosts’, if any, experiences are with these sorts of claims. I’m not suing the host, which I think I could. I am privileged enough to have good medical insurance. AirCover will reimburse me for any out-of-pocket medical treatment. Barely 4 weeks after surgery, I’m still waiting for all the bills to settle. Based on the feedback, I guess hosts are blissfully unaware of claims made to AirCover by guests suffering injury or loss on their properties.

Well, no one is getting sued.

So, far, AirCover has been responsive. They’re just waiting for documentation of all out-of-pocket medical bills.

I’m sorry about your accident and wish you the best in recovery.

Maybe not by you.

At my hospital for every treatment I need to fill in a form that indicates if it was an accident and the circumstances. So, it’s possible that someone will be sued (or, first, their insurer contacted for reimbursement) by your hospital or by AirCover’s carrier. FYI. It’s called subrogation.

I understand that. My comment was directed more at other hosts since you demonstrate what can happen. I too avoid suits if my insurance/aircover covers my issues anywhere.

I had a guest fall down the outside steps once and break a bone. It was his fault, and he admitted as such as he was walking backwards and trying to aide a disabled child. I immediately called airbnb when I learned of the incident and spoke with them before more contact with the guest. They reached out to the guest right away. There was a bit of back and forth with them and we spoke with the guests directly later. Airbnb was great in jumping in to mediate, the guests were great and accepted responsibility so liability never came into play.