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Guest doesn't reply (don't know arrival time)

Monday I had a request for a stay for Thursday . All was ok . After confirm I ask the guest for his arrival time and his email to send some info . Since then he didn’t reply . I send him a whatapp , I call him , and nothing …

I am not sure of what to do . I am a bit suspicious and I can’t stay the all day gone waiting …

Advices ?

Be sure to contact him via the Airbnb system. Then you have a paper-trail if there are any problems. But I think it’s a bit early to be worrying. It’s pretty normal for me to have no contact with the guest until the night before arrival or even the following morning.

Hope all goes well!


What Jacquo said! Your listing should have a posted Check-in time as the earliest (but not latest) time to check-in.

I usually call the arriving guest the morning of the day they are to arrive (our check-in time is 4PM. The only time I’d had a problem was with a European traveler who had an unlocked Euro phone rather than a US chipped phone. They could call me, but I could not call them.

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This is super frustrating. One of my least liked aspects of this job.

You can also ask airbnb to ‘reach out’ to the guest. But do try to be patient - ask yourself at what point you will need to know.

I’ve had these experiences but the guests have turned out to be great. Although one never showed and never called - I got a nice pay-out and no work.

He is arriving tomorrow!

I contact him via everything. I ended up contacting airbnb and they were able to reach him.

After I also hear from him…

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