Guest didn't tell me about ac not working

I don’t live at my Airbnb property so I am not physically able to visit my property in between guests. I have a manager who does a great job but recently I had a guest who gave me 3 stars because the ac wasn’t working while he was there for 2 nights. I have window units in the bedroom which he said was the only relief. I had NO IDEA the ac wasn’t working because he didn’t say anything (manager says it was working when he checked in). He didn’t post a review until a day after he checked out and I had guests who checked in right after him who weee on day two of a four day visit. As soon as I saw the review they sent a note that the ac wasn’t working. So now I have the 3 star rating for something I was not aware of and given no opportunity to fix AND a second guest who is now dealing with 90 degree temps and no AC. I have a handyman scheduled to go out to fix it and have given the current guests some money back to try to make up for the inconvenience. How do I address the guest who knew there was a major issue but didn’t say anything? I had already given him a review and I left him a direct message asking him to please always tell a host if something isn’t working so they have time to fix it for the current guest and future guests but is there anyway to amend my original review? Or any way I can get Airbnb to remove the 3 stars? How can I be penalized for something I had no idea was wrong??

Have your cleaner run a checklist of things before check in. Some guests just don’t want the hassle of having to report something not working, but I totally see your point.

Always checkin by text w the guest after the first day and ask if everything is ok, and if not please text me right away so I can fix., that way you avoid bad reviews, they are otherwise reluctant to complain. I have had guests say the door doesnt lock(until I showed her HOW to lock the door) and also a guest who said the toilet didnt flush(you have to hold the handle down until flush is complete).Clearing up these little issues in the beginning with a friendly next day text “all call” can save you from a bad review.

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The flushing is an easy fix. You probably need a new kit. So EZ I did it myself!

Yeah, she said it was working when she turned the place around. I checked in the day before they were to leave and heard nothing (granted it was a day after they checked in)

No, there are always guests that do not inform you even when you ask them.

We had some guests last november. We saw them every day, had a quick chat and asked them if everything was ok. They even asked us if their friends could visit them.
It was not until the moment they left, they told us they slept on the floor each day because the bed was broken.

They even left us a very bad review saying the bed was broken so they had to sleep on the floor.

Actually the bed was not broken, but when we checked after they left, one of the slats in the middle was missing. But since both guests were morbidly obese I can imagine that a single missing slad would be a problem for them.
It could even be that the bed was unable to carry their weight at all, and they were ashamed. But we will never know.

But in the end the review felt like a big stab in the back, because if they would have told us, we could have solved the matter immediately. But some people just lack the spine to openly talk about an issue.

We never responded to this review…

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But if you check in and ask them if everything is OK and if it isn’t or they need anything to text you immediately. Then when they write that bad review about the bed you could’ve copy and pasted your Text underneath her a bad review in response to verify the fact that you asked him if everything was OK and they said yes so it’s actually their fault for NOT reporting the broken bed.

Oh how unfair. And how wrong.