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Guest didn't stay but can't remove the review

So I had a third party booking, after the guest check out, he sent me through airbnb message that he wasn’t the one staying in my property. Later he wrote the review and I requested it removed but airbnb doesn’t want to remove the review, even when I quote their own policy “reviews that do not represent the author’s personal experience are not acceptable” they don’t even answer my message, there is no explanation why they won’t remove this review, I just see case closed without any reply.

What is happening to the CS service, it is completely useless, and totally against hosts.

Apparently if you complain on Twitter you’re more likely to get a return call.

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Why do you want the review removing? I’ve had a couple of reviews from guests who haven’t stayed and they haven’t been a problem.

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Because it’s a 4 star, and this 4 star would me knock me out of the superhost and plus, and although my previous 9 reviews are 5 star, this one 4 star puts me to 4,7 points.

After numerous messages they finally removed the review.


@tuco1203 Was this today? It may be time for me to revisit my last 1 star no stayer.

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yes it was today, just quote their review policy

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