Guest didn't check out and left items

This is a weird one. I have/had a guest check in yesterday while in town for a wedding. He only booked an overnight stay. Even though he checked in on Friday and got ready at the house, he never came back that night to sleep.

This morning he showed up to pick up his clothes for the wedding. After I said goodbye, I went to the room only to find his suitcase and other items still in the room. (He had only taken a few things.)

I immediately texted him to tell him that he only booked one night and did we have our wires crossed and did he want to extend the stay. That was at 8:30 am. I have since texted again to see when he was planned my to pick up his items. No answer to anything.

It is almost 11pm and still no word. My question is what should I do in this situation? I am a female and live alone. I am not comfortable letting him in at this time of night to collect his things and certainly do not want to be woken up when he decides to come back. My inclination is to leave his items on the porch should he show up to claim them.

I don’t want to risk a bad review for leaving his items on the porch but this is ridiculous and completely irresponsible.

People leave stuff all the time, these seems odd, but pack it up and call it good, If you do not her from him dump it. as an aside I call people rather than text tems.

I’m assuming you got your key back, and the house is otherwise secure? If not, I would be calling AirBnB to let them know, and get their help in contacting him.

I would pack up his things and let him know that they will be outside the front door for 24 hours. If they are not picked up by then, you will dispose of them. Make sure you use the AirBnB site to send these messages, so there is a record in case he complains later on to AirBnB.

I put it in my house rules that I do not mail items back. For future guests, you may want to do the same.

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Stop texting, only use the AirBnB messaging system!

Pack his items, put them in the suitcase and store it somewhere for a day.
Send him a message (trough the AirBnB system!!!) that your will throw it in the trash when it is not been picked up until a certain time.

Do not leave the stuff on the porch without giving him a chance to pick them up .


may have done a runner or just brought extra for the wedding and doesnt want it back, so left it for you to dump.

only message through airbnb!

Perhaps he’s still partying or he was the best man or hadn’t seen his friend in years or had some other things to do associated with this wedding that were way more important and/or fun than retrieving his stuff. Who knows? I would keep it safe until you hear back from him, not beyond a reasonable amount of time (48 hours maybe?)

If he booked the second night this would be reasonable. However, he booked for only one night, came home in the morning and left rather quickly. IMO it isn’t reasonable that he would leave anything behind when he was expected to vacate within a couple of hours anyway. Doesn’t matter the excuse (having fun, best man, whatever) it’s not fair to make it someone else’s problem.

I’d stuff it into a bag a.s.a.p. and message via Air that it will be taken to a goodwill dropoff in 24 hours.


Any updates on your situation? Hope it got rectified w/o any hassle or worry you!