Guest didn’t show up and I’m being asked to leave a review

I have no idea what caused her absence and don’t want to add to any trouble by leaving a lesser rating, but I can’t honestly give 5 stars for the required categories. Something similar happened when a 5 star guest arrived and decided our suite wasn’t private enough because he “planned on having people over” (not allowed without our permission, but who knows, maybe he was going to ask.) Besides the awkwardness of being asked to review, I’m wondering if there are consequences to a host for choosing not to review a guest.

No, there are no consequences to not leaving a review. But the guest will have also been given the opportunity to review. If I had a no show guest, I’d probably message them to say that since she never showed up, but didn’t cancel the booking, that you will both be sent a notification to leave a review.

But that since you have nothing to review since she didn’t stay, you don’t plan on leaving a review and assume she won’t either.

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Just had this happen last week. Had to ask guest to cancel due to … I don’t remember at this point… he did, I told Air to refund him everything (it was a day-of reservation and I have a Moderate policy) and we both got “leave a review” messages. Neither left a review.

I’m seeing fewer and fewer guests leave a review.

Strange times.