Guest damaged items and never respond

Have you had any luck with airbnb involvement after 72 hrs of guests not responding? We have security deposit stated in the listing.

I never wait that long. If there is damage I submit a claim through Airbnb and let them handle the rest, within 24 hours of check out. I don’t ever try to negotiate with the guest. I’ve had to do this twice and both times I was reimbursed for damages.

Send an email to the guest through the Airbnb exchange that says you will be submitting a claim through Airbnb due to x,y,z and the guest’s lack of communication.

Airbnb will look at all your correspondence, you’ll submit pictures of the damage to airbnb customer service, submit quotes on fixing the damage to the Airbnb customer service as well. They they’ll make a determination. You never have to email the guest again- which is my FAVORITE part :slight_smile:

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Security Deposit requires ABB to agree with your claim, sometimes they do, rare to be paid in full.

You don’t even have to email them. When you submit a claim through resolution, it automatically notifies the guest that there is a claim.

You do have to confront the guest in the sense you state the claim with the proof and receipts and ask them to pay. When they decline or don’t answer, Air then jumps in and mediates.

I try to think of it like going on Judge Judy. :smiley: notice how judge Judy always favors the party with the best proof and account of their claim. :smiley: