Guest checked in another hotel

I need help!
I had 2 guests that were supposed to stay today. They kept changing time of arrival. I lost my phone over the weekend but let them know I was always available on email. Infact i took day of work to wait in all day to see if they would turn up. Anyway they just sent me a message to say they have checked into a hotel in the area as they couldnt get into my place. this is Cr** as i waited in all day! When a guest books I always give full address/ directions. However she says their phone went dead and had no access to our last message (At 1.30pm). I find it bizarre as they all of a sudden had a signal after as they sent a message to us after. They also had our email address… Its not our fault guests dont remember to charge their phone. I dont know what to do! Never been in this situation.

Did you at any point send them a message through AirBnB to ask where they were? And when they would be arriving? I mean the day of arrival.

Also check if the doorbell is functioning and already send them a message, that you were there the whole day waiting and that they never showed up.
Should you get AirBnB to believe you, you will just cash their money and continue your normal life :wink:.

I actually think not being able to get in is grounds for the guest getting a full refund. Bad timing with the loss of the phone!

They could of got in if they took the address down. its a buzzer system… They were nightmares from the start. I should of known they would be a diaster.

I hope you sent them instructions and have proof you did, otherwise they may claim for a refund. :frowning:

I wonder if you would just wait and see what they do?

Call Airbnb immediately and make sure they get your side of the story

several times. sigh. i done everything correctly.
I know when i book a room or hotel i have the sense to make a note of the full address. It not my fault they are airheads

Yes K, I give address/ directions 3 times in my airbnb messages. I rang airbnb there (Just off phone), because my phone is lost they cant have anyone call me directly!! So I have to wait for an email!!! unbelievable

i did indeed, waitng for reply. Groan.

Both of their phones went dead? Or were they traveling internationally and only took one phone with them?

Regardless about your phone going dead…it’s their responsiblity to try to get on a computer or ask someone if they could borrow their device in order to log into their Air account and find the address.

Could they have used a computer at a public library or at an internet shop?

So guests were supposed to check in today, and then at 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon they say they already checked into a hotel and now all of a sudden have phone signal???

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Normally AirBnB can phone a different phone. At least that’s what they have offered me on one occasion.

Cabin host thank you! Becasue in this case you have made me realize something ! If her friends phone was working, then she could of used it to look up my listing to get full address! Why on earth dont people make a note of addresses!
I also think its their responsibilty to get their phones charged up beforehand. I understand things happen, but if so i would certainly apologize to a host. And if they did apologize or explain i wouldnt of been mad. Plenty of internet cafes/ bars. restaurants around to!
when they first made contact, They first were supposed to be here at check in at 3pm. (After i tried to drag a check in time with them). They said they didnt know. It depends how the day went. But said they would aim for 3pm. Off course i waited till way after 7pm.
This is a mes she sent.
never received your message that stated the flat number because I didn’t have service. When I sent the last message it still hadn’t popped up, I just now received the message. I sent mine and my phone died shortly after. We arrived about an hour ago and stood outside for about 30 minutes trying to call from my friends phone and a taxi drivers phone, not being aware you had lost your phone. We also tried texting, and eventually we walked over here to the holiday inn and paid for a room as we have a lot of luggage and it is getting dark. I finally have a phone charge so the messages all came together. Due to the misunderstanding and miscommunication, would you be willing to refund us for the evening?

yes my partner and i were surprised by this! Seemly because the phone that linked to my airbnb was lost over the weekend they obviously cant ring it and wouldnt take my partners mobile (Even though hes on the same account)! They opted for email instead, Im still waiitng in anticpation.

ps: at 13.03 pm i had sent her another message with address ie apt number to buzz.

@sunshine1 I think in fact you do not even have to send the address once. Because when people book, the address is revealed to them automatically. At least if you put it in correctly when making your listing.

I know. But i always like to repeat as some dont read. But this also obviously has no impact! :slight_smile:

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So did the guests already know you had lost your phone? I know in her message she says at the time she did not know this…but had you already communicated this to her?

Regardless, it seems a logical person would just find a place where they could charge their phone somewhere. I mean…just go sit at the bar, order a drink, and beg a bartender to see if they will charge it for you. Not sure if that’s possible wherever you are located.

Then…since the friend had a working phone, even if you were not answering your phone then they should have googled Airbnb’s phone number and called a rep. to ask for the address. Unless of course that is too costly wherever you are located.

And of course, the guest could have logged into Air app to continue to message you, using the friend’s phone. Unless using wifi is an issue where you are and friend couldn’t use wifi.

What doesn’t make sense is booking a room at the Holiday Inn.

What do you mean? They refused to take your partner’s number? When did they do this?

Exactly. I messaged her today
Just to let you know i lost my phone over the weekend! But I am still contactable on airbnb message system. You can just buzz apt 99 when you arrive and i will let you in foyer and come and get you. As I say just let me know a couple of hrs in advance to get me a chance to come back from work.
Hope youre enjoying this rare sunny day!
See you later
she replied at 16.26pm- no mention of not having my address!
Hey we’re leaving portrush now so as soon as we arrive we will be checking in!

The guy said they will email has they can only contact the number thats listed.
We have just realized its only mine that was listed on air).
But still we are in a situation. I even give a home number but still they want to email.
Ps: the superhost number i had just seemed to get me through to a general hosts number.