Guest changing reservation dates

I was looking in another airbnb group. A host mentioned that if there is a booked guest that would like to make a reservation change with their booked dates and ask the host to do so (for whatever reason), to let the guest make those changes. Even if the guest mentions they have no computer to do so- which i’m not sure how that happens if the guest is able to ask for the change. This due to scamming that has been going on. I was wondering how a host could get scammed this way? Thanks, curious to know.

One example is some might be changing the dates to farther out before cancelling in order to get a refund.

I notice you have to come to the experts for answers to questions posed in other groups. :wink:


Awe, lots of great info here…I also like to join different groups to get other perspectives:)

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Oh, I see…gotcha. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

This happened to me a month ago… guest booked, then on day they were to arrive said they weren’t feeling good and asked to change the date to February, which I did. It dawned on me after I did that anyone could do that, and then cancel to get refund, since I have moderate cancellation.
(It all turned out fine, I actually got a booking the same day to replace them, and they actually did come in February - in fact, are here right now!)

So that made me aware of that possibility, it could be a sneaky way to get a refund :thinking:

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This is an example of what might seem like a “red flag” often times is not. Yes, people can manipulate the system but most of the time they don’t. It seems like there are many negative, suspicious hosts who bring a lot of negative energy into hosting and then are surprised when they have bad guests.

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It was a humblebrag. I’m very humble. Everyone tells me that.

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Interestingly I just had a repeat guest change due to her military unit changing its mind but it didn’t even occur to me that she might try to get out of it. In her case I offered her the usual cancel and I’ll refund if rebooked (as well as request ABB to refund cleaning fee, hotel taxes and maybe service fees based on situation) or, since she was a great guest I’d apply part of it to a future stay if it didn’t get rebooked. Instead of cancelling and rebooking with a partial credit she contacted me the day of check in (2 days after initial notice that she couldn’t come) and said her unit allowed her a few extra days later to make up for not getting the weekend and now she will be here on Tuesday. Days wise it was not enough fats to allow a Scott free cancellation had that been her intent but…

I guess if I have a point it’s that although with any other guest looking to move a few dates later I would have immediately looked to see if that would put them outside the 5 day window (based on past negative experiences) the thought never even occurred to me until this post because with thisnguest the experience was positive.

I used to be of the philosophy to trust until given a reason not to but with so many times getting burned in my life with that (personally and professionally) I now subscribe to trust no one until they give reason to be trusted. Life is much more difficult this way I admit but getting hurt less often too.