Guest changed name on the account after party

How is this possible? Had a last minute reservation request, all information was verified and he agreed to the House Rules and even confirmed them thru the msg app. My 3 main rules are: No parties/events/gatherings, No smoking and No pets. The 2 individuals check-In no apparent red flags etc. However it was all a ruse to hold a birthday party. Long story short, I called the police to have back up to break up the party. I never said a word to anyone and they all flew out the opposite door including the booking guest. When I went to make a claim against the security deposit the name on the account was changed. I have notified ABB but what chance do I have collecting on the damage they caused.

None unless you can provide sufficient proof of the damage you claim. Then you have a higher chance of success.

And if the damage is $200 or less you have a higher probability as well that ABB will just Pay it themselves and let jekyl/Hyde off Scott free.

So basically red flags mean nothing. Ya never know…


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Do you believe pictures and police report will be enough? As a couple of the “kids” came back to collect cell phones, clothing or car keys and were questioned by the police.

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What was damaged?


If they provide evidence for the claimed damage then yes for sure! What is the $ amount?

Tore banister off the wall, damaged blinds, puke on carpeting. I caught it early due to neighbor calling me otherwise who knows what would’ve happened.

This is how I found the bathroom.

Ensure all damage (no matter how minor) is all documented in the police report as well. This should seal it I would think. Do you have a deposit? That is where it should be claimed from so must be done within 24-48? (Can’t remember) Hours and before next guest checks in.

Plus the guest “admitted” afterwards they held a party because I asked him to tell all his guests to come back for there personal items. I had 9 coats, 4 cell phones, at least 3 pair of shoes, 3 sets of car keys and other items and he replied he would let everyone know.

Do you have outside cameras?