Guest causes maggot (pinworm) outbreak in guestroom

I am a superhost with nearly 90% 5 stars satisfaction, but what Airbnb is offering me as compensation is ridiculous. In fact it is agains any normal business. In my whole life I have never seen such an unprofessional acting.

but now to the Story and please Keep in mind the following sentences posted out from Airbnb:

In the rare event of property damage, Airbnb’s host guarantee offers free protection of up to €800,000 for each booking, at any time. Claims can be made directly through our Mediation Center.

I had a Long term guest which made an internship in Frankfurt. Although it is forbidden by houserules to store and consume Food in the guestroom the guest stored hardcooked, painted “Eastereggs” over weeks in the Cabinet of vthe guestroom. One day I wanted to take out the aitbed for an additional guest (sister) in the guestroom. Stepping in theroom I noticed a strong smell. Taking out the airbed dozens of maggots felt down to the floor. I had to call an pest expert for deploying insecticide and basic cleaning. Costs 1.000,00€ +. Airbnb refused that demand with the following explaint:

Th Problem is not listed under covered losses and damages by insects etc. are listed in exclusions:

Covered Losses ” means and is limited to direct physical loss or physical damage to a Host’s Covered Property caused by the Responsible Guest or an Invitee of the Responsible Guest during an Airbnb stay. Covered Losses do not include any losses or damage described under Excluded Losses below.

vi. damage caused by insects, animals or vermin (including pets);
provided, that any physical damage resulting from any of the conditions listed above will be covered by the Airbnb Host Guarantee if not otherwise excluded under the Airbnb Host Guarantee.

Airbnb is explaining, that “stinking” resulted by maggots excrements or digestive Enzymes is no physical Damage made to host poperty.

But that is not all. I had to fire that guest cause after the cleaning he left again Food in the room.
The guest has payed for 2 month so he had credit balance at the airbnb account. Next day someone of vthe Airbnb Crew asked me if he can pay out the balance. I denied that with the reason of the Damage and the unwilling of taking over the Damage from the guest.
Airbnb payed out. Also the security deposit is payed back to the guest. The reaction and the deepest unprofessional acting of Airbnb makes me speechless.

In relation with the promises of the hosts_guarantee Airbnb is fooling and tricking hosts.
In case of that we call it in Germany “customers fooling” and in case of business diskonest Competition.

My opinion is, that Airbnb should really think about given promises to host and acting.
The EU (Margarethe Verstager) convicted Google caus of similiar doing to ~1.5 Billion Penalty.

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You are most welcome to your opinions and you are very welcome to voice them here. We often have hosts who vent - no problem.

However, once you look at the situation dispassionately you’ll see that Airbnb have been true to their TOS, or so it seems from what you wrote. And we all knew the situation when we signed up for the service, right?

What did your insurance company say? Presumably they won’t pay out so you tried to claim from Airbnb?

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You didn’t do a weekly clean?

This is one of the many reasons I cap my occupancy at 7 nights.


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You always ask this question, presuming the hosts have STR insurance when we all know most do not! lol



@ jaquo

Hello Jaquo,

with insurance I mean the airbnb hosts_guarantee. As you might know an insurance Pays only for damages you did. As far as I know, there is no insurance available which you can conclude so that it covers damages another person does to your property with the exception of criminal damages like burglary and robbery. So Airbnb is promising something and if you Need that insurance the don’t fulfil it.


Hello Debthecat,

On Course I clean Weekly and I also Change bedlinen every two weeks. But in fact I did not notice any smell before. But that is not the focus. The focus are the promises of airbnb and how the act in case of a damage. A Claim at a foreign court is not suitable.

There are specific insurance products for STR’s. Relying on AirBnb is not a good idea as you have shown us. I use CBIZ



Hello RiverRockRetreat,

sorry, I am not so familiar with colloquial speech. Would yo be so Kind to explain me what “STR’s” are and what CBIZ is?

Best Regards

STR is short term rentals, CBIZ is the name of an insurance company in the US


Thank you.

And how is that insurance called?

For damages I do unknowingly I have an “Personal liability Insurance”


I truly, truly, truly hope that’s not the case :slight_smile:

What I do know though is that a lot of beginner hosts or people who are considering hosting read this forum a lot and it’s important for us to let them know that they NEED insurance!


Seems to me you brought most of these problems on yourself: Taking long term rentals instead of short term. Not doing weekly cleaning/laundry/bedding changeout. Not reading and heeding the Airbnb Terms of Service. Depending on a Host Guarantee which you did not read and understand.

Airbnb seems to have done exactly what they said they would do. Just because you disagree and think that Air should pay you for your mistakes does not make them wrong, or bad businessmen.


There is very little you can do.

AirBnB is very reliable: They will avoid paying any money. The only thing they want to avoid more than paying money is media attention.

So if you want AirBnB’s attention, try to get your story in a local newspaper.

The only other option you have is to get a lawyer and send a claim direct to the guest.

Lessons learned: Never take long term renters trough AirBnB. 4 weeks max, and then take them direct, so you can handle the payments and deposit.

Yes I think so, but it is not easy.

Cause as IT-Professional NERD and Stargate fan… with reference to the Airbnb official Postings I say:

Don’t trust the wrong Prophet…

That is not completely right. Please remember, that I have a “life” beside Airbnb, what is called
duties on the Job. That means also I respect privacy for Airbnb guests. So normally I look every week in the room at latest every 2 weeks for changing bedlinen.

So on my Feeling I did Nothing wrong. The guest causes the Situation. Making the guest responsible for that is a Thing Airbnb has to do, especially if they do such promises.

Elsewere the better stop their Hosts_guarantee. This is a fake, consumers fooling etc.

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We closed your previous post on the same topic a week ago. If you were as diligent in following Airbnb policies as you are in arguing on the forum maybe you wouldn’t have this issue.

We can’t help you, we aren’t Airbnb.