Guest Cancels Reservation and Credit Card-Is AirBnb Responsible?

First time here and with a unique situation–I think. Had a 3 month reservation. Guest a bit strange but things seemed okay…until two months into reservation got an email from AirBnb that guest had cancelled reservation. Guest didn’t tell us and left place a mess but that is minor. Based on cancelation policy guest owes 30 day fee. AirBnb calculated amount due (around $1,200) based on policy and communicated that to us. However, guest then deleted card and profile so AirBnb says there isn’t any way to collect money. This can’t be new situation to them. What is their responsibility to us? Are they a party to contract and responsible or will they hide behind some policy? Any help or suggests here? Thanks. Not sure how to approach this and they aren’t the most helpful company in many ways.

At the very least they have to open up your calendar but I don’t see how they could collect the amount with a deleted account.

Unless you find a way to get this into the media or newspapers AirBnB will not do anything for you.

They have given themselves the rights to play around with your money, but do not take any responsibility if a hosts gets in trouble.

Perhaps they should charge the card before processing the cancellation? They are savvy enough when it comes to protecting themselves.

That is what I thought. Luckily I do know people in the media.

Here is the relevant portion of AirBnB’s terms and conditions:

Airbnb does not guarantee payments to Hosts for amounts that have not been successfully received by Airbnb Payments from Guests. In accepting appointment as the limited authorized agent of the Host, Airbnb Payments assumes no liability for any acts or omissions of the Host.

So, I wouldn’t expect anything, but it can help to complain… they likely had a record of the credit card and can charge the account.

Thank you for providing the clause language. I had suspected that they would have that type of disclaimer in there but didn’t find it. Interestingly enough, they also indicate that they can modify the cancellation policy with the guest should there be extenuating circumstances. That means that on one side they act as a party to the contract able to make changes to it, while on the other side they act only as an agent with no responsibility for the contract. I have been very unimpressed with them thus far in my limited experience and while I know they provide a good service, they really try to have it both ways and don’t protect the hosts.

Do you have a super strict policy? Did you expect to receive full payment even if the guest didn’t stay for the last month or did you expect to receive just the first 1-2 weeks?

That is also the reason why the whole AirBnB Deposit system is a huge farce.

They do not charge guests in advance for their deposit. They only charge the guests afterward if they get a complain.
So if a guest trashes your place, and cancels their credit card, you will never ever get your deposit.

If the stay is long term (over 30 days); Airbnb’s long term cancellation policy supersedes the host’s regular cancellation policy.