Guest cancels and wants more than the 50% they got back

I have a guest who was due to stay in 3 weeks.
My cancellation policy is strict and as they have cancelled, we have been given half the amount of the booking.

The guest is asking me to give them half of my half (so they effectively get 75% back).
I originally told the guest that Airbnb doesn’t give me the option of giving them more money back and that the best I can do is a discount on a future stay.

However, they have now opened up a case in the resolution centre requesting I pay them 150 Euros.

What would you do? I’m pretty sure i’m going to decline the guest.
If that happens, they will likely get Airbnb involved. I’m assuming Airbnb will have no hesitation on taking my side?

I assume if I decline, there is no way they can leave a bad review or anything, they may just keep bugging me by email.

How do I politely tell them that I won’t give them a refund?

UGH no way. What the hec is the use of having a strict cancellation policy if airbnb doesn’t back it up? I personally don’t book when the property has a strict policy, but if I did, I wouldn’t have the nerve to ask for more than I’m due.

I just stayed in a hotel that was through, and it was awful. The manager did let us out of the reservation and we found a place that didn’t reek of air freshener. He didn’t have to - and if he had said no, we would have had to abide by that. I booked what I booked.


Just tell the guest that your policy is as stands. Don’t get into any discussion with them. Let them open up a resolution request, let it go to you, and say “NOPE”. Then if Airbnb calls you and asks you whether you will waive your payment, say “NOPE”. Keep saying NOPE. Airbnb is not waiving their fees and you have no obligation, even a moral obligation, to do anything beyond what your policy states.

If Airbnb wants to refund the guest out of their money, that’s up to them. But unless there are extenuating circumstances (pretty serious, need documentation) then Air bnb will try to pressure you, and you keep saying no.


Tell them to use their travel insurance to get their money back. Why is this your responsibility?


Why did you offer to give them any additional amount? Since there is a way for you to refund them more they’re asking for it. Did they say why they cancelled? You can always offer to refund them if you get re-booked.

They cannot leave a bad review because there was not a completed trip and instead a cancellation. Decline the resolution request. Unless they have an extenuating circumstance they are out the money.

All the Resolution Center request means is that the guest is trying to beg. Decline and move on. There is nothing they can do. If they continue to pester you via email, report them to Air.

And even there at the host’s discretion. The host doesn’t have to.

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Exactly. I refunded one person who was supernice and said goodby to his money when he had to cancel.
We had a boat show weekend and I rebooked it within half an hour, and gladly refunded him his money.
Other 2 cases i rebooked but still did not refund them because of their attitude and making me upset by arguing with me. It always helps being nice to a host:)


DefinitelyAir will take your side. They did it with me few times. People are so funny, they still hope that a host will change his cancelation policy just for them.On what grounds? Just because?
No, they cant review you unless they stayed

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In the same boat as you and don’t have a clear answer. I want to stick to my policy but I feel bad BC it’s a lot of $$$.

You’ve done nothing wrong and the guest has no grounds for getting any extra. Don’t panic, just politely comment in the resolution centre that as far as you can see the cancellation policy has been applied correctly. Note that you also have lost money on the booking and that the guest is welcome to ask their travel insurer for assistance. Make sure you don’t get emotional. AirBnB will side with you.

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I had a similar case,thankfully it didn’t go to the resolution centre but I think that airbnb will back it up as it is within your rights. What I did is that I explained to my guests politely that I do not own the apartment and the rent is too high so unfortunately I can’t do anything about it but as you said I could make a discount in the future. I also told them that if someone else books the apartment for the dates they cancelled I will be able to make an exception and send them a full refund.They cannot leave you a rewiew and it is within your rights to decline them.