Guest cancelling for stay AFTER 14th April

Sorry for not having a more interesting topic. Guest would like to cancel their visit which falls outside of Airbnb’s current virus extenuating circumstance dates (21st April). There is no point them coming to visit a 90yr old Grandma that they are not allowed to see. Since I have a strict cancellation policy, what do you think is the easiest and painless way to do it.
a) Wait a week to see if Airbnb extend the virus dates and they get 100% back hassle free
b) Them cancel now and quote extenuating circumstances which will prompt a response from me to refund them the remaining 50% (and do we both get our Airbnb fees refunded this way).
Thank you

Both. May as well wait a week. But if nothing changes they need to do it on their end.

Thanks. I’m suggesting they cancel their end regardless. It would be nice to think they’ll get their service fee refunded so as you say, may as well wait a week.

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Please do update us on the final outcome.

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Can you not ask Airbnb to do a mutual penalty free cancellation @Cafrin

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They are doing a mutual free one for me for a guest who would arrive right after. There’s no way he’s going to be able to travel from out of the country on that date…

Someone cancelled on me two days ago for a reservation 17-19th April. They got 50% refund and I had no contact from them or airbnb to refund the rest. Unfortunately due my calendar being empty I wont voluntarily offer a refund.

I have someone trying to cancel for the 20-24th of April and they submitted a request which came thru on my side as “Your guest is requesting you cancel this reservation”. I’m not comfortable with that since it is outside the current policy changes. I told her to submit her request as what it is: she is cancelling, not me. I tried calling ABB but ended up on hold for extended periods of time. She claims to have talked to them … Seems like the guests are getting calls thru quicker than hosts, so I hope she figures it out.


I’ll try this if she doesn’t want to wait. I was going to avoid calling them at this point and we still have time before the check in date.

That’s fair enough. This guest took the time to get in touch, and they would like to rebook at any time we are available when this all passes. Unprecedented decisions!

Hmmm, Bit cheeky of her!

I just got a canned email for a booking on May 20: “_____ is uncomfortable traveling because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).” blah blah blah “we’re temporarily allowing guests in this situation to ask hosts for a full refund”.

But guests have always been allowed to ask for a full refund. So basically they’re guilting us into allowing full refunds for anyone who wants one?

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Will do. It’s just occurred to me - so I’ve emailed our insurance company - I don’t know where we stand on our holiday let being unoccupied for a certain period of time…

On the day the AirBNB Covid19 EC policy went into place I reached out to all my April guests to inquire. I had one who was April 17th, and coming from Scotland. She replied that she was about to reach out to me because of the US imposed travel restrictions. I advised her that despite the current window, I would be willing to provide a full refund, and would want to ensure that AirBNB refunded all their fees. I suggested she call the helpdesk, as I had done for client the day before (before the Covid19 EC went into place). I warned her it could be a long wait time, and if she couldn’t get through I’d try from my end.

She couldn’t get through so I called, waited an hour, and was able to have the CS rep cancel without penalty with a full refund to the guest.

Needless to say, that the guest was very appreciative and advised that if / when she replans the trip she will be looking at my listing. The fact that she is in the tourism business, while not a factor in my decision, certainly might bring more good karma.


If only more people based their life decisions on that or similar.

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