Guest cancelled and gone, asking for $30 from resolution center... And

Guess my question is once they cancel their reservation and they ask money from me can they just keep requesting? It is a Small amount of money. But, if I say no what can happen? Continue to try and torture me? This is their only recourse? And, if I give them their $30 which is half of one days room, will this open the door to more requests?

On one hand, I’m not going to sweat the $30, on the other hand, I don’t want to get another email tomorrow for more money … Can people complain after they left and canceled and try to collect and do more

whats your cancellation policy?

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If the guest cancelled on their own and AirBnB assesed the reservation according to your cancellation policy, then you are not required to refund them anything. Depending on the circumstances of the cacellation, it up to you. Hope that helps. __

This must be a new thing with Air, if guests cancel, the system takes them to the resolution centre straight away. I have had two guests cancel recently and both used it. I dont like it. I have a strict cancellation policy so Air shouldnt be encouraging guests to ask for their money back in full, especially when Air don’t refund their fees.


Yes, you have a right to decline.

I remember the first time it happened to me, I mulled it over for several hours wondering what to do, and air sent emails asking me to make a decision or else they would have to get involved

Once it is taken to resolution you have to answer yes or no. Just answer no. They can’t review you if they canceled. I think you can use resolution for anything you want to ask the host for, legitimate or not. Just say NO. If you ignore it, Air will get involved and could rule against you.


Answered no,thanks all!