Guest calls after checks out and wants to take a nap and pay me 1/2 a day

We just had great guests who stayed 3 nights, left the place perfect but then the wife calls me on my personal number hours after check out and says she has a bad headache and wants to pay me 1/2 a day outright to come back to lay down and take a nap. I wouldn’t have accepted money outside of airbnb but I got an icky feeling about it and actually I was at work so couldn’t get her the key anyway but then I also felt a little guilty because they were great guests. The ONLY issue I had with them was that they left the gate to the unit open and unlocked when they checked out and left the key; we have rules that door to unit and gate are to be locked at all times. My partner thinks I’m paranoid but I wonder if there was a correlation. Also, we were told they were leaving to fly home early that morning so why they were still in town at 2 pm was a mystery. Anyone out there had this happen or have advice? We are new to airbnb and this was only our 6th guest. So far, so good but this was odd.

You agreed or didn’t? I can’t tell from your post.
No, not a good idea if you are asking. To let a guest back on after their check out time may invalidate your host guarantee or insurance. If you did do it, have them properly book another night so it’s a part of the official record. But I just wouldn’t do it.

They weren’t good guests if they left your gate open. That’s not rocket science. And they didn’t return your key properly? I’d be leaving a bad review for that.

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I did not let her come back. And, to clarify, they did return my key properly. I guess I feel that noboby is perfect and I gave them a pass on the gate until the phone call and then second guessed it.

No, you did the right thing. Something was off about that request. Remember they aren’t covered by any “agreement” if they were let back on. If any problems, Air could not have helped you. Following your gut is a good strategy!


Ok…my 2 cents…I believe you did the right thing however they probably had a late flight out and checked out accordingly to your specifications. She should have contacted you thru the website and if possible made arrangements. I have a lot of guests who check out at 10 ( my check out time) and during our conversation I find out yes they are leaving for the A/P but not flying out til 9 that night.

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Another reason why you need outside security cameras that you can see by remote, just in case someone like this ignores what you say and enters anyway.

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…or get something that looks an awful lot like security cameras.