Guest broke things, didn't notice until after review

I had a family of four want to stay. I told them my place was not kid friendly, and the room only had one full size bed. They begged, said the sleeping arrangements were fine, please, please as nobody else available in my area and want the kids to see snow for the first time ever. I gave in and allowed it. I even felt bad and gave them a rather expensive air mattress to use for the kids ($170). They popped the air mattress, cheetos and chips ground in all over the carpets in the bedroom and living room. While I chalked up the food mess up to going against my better judgement and allowing kids, I thought they had deflated the air mattress by undoing the plug. Turns out they popped it. Yes, I am certain they popped it and it wasn’t just a defective air mattress as I had used it three days before they came. When I went to use the mattress again, huge hole. They, of course, did not mention this and I had already left a positive review. Are you stuck with giving them a positive review if you have already given it before realizing they actually weren’t such great guests?

Other people here may know more than me but I think you can edit your review unless they have already left one.

Sorry this happened @silvercannonca. It shows how important it is to check your listing thoroughly before leaving a review. I certainly wouldn’t have left a positive review if they left my place in a messy condition.

@anomaly14 isn’t correct regarding reviews I’m afraid, although I believe you can edit within 48 hours of posting the review if your guest hasn’t posted theirs (but check on Airbnb Help Centre)

Have you raised a claim through Airbnb for the cost of replacing the mattress? If not look at Airbnb Help Centre for how to do this via your deposit/Airbnb Host Guarantee,

I was able ONCE to edit a review and it was a drag. I had to email it to them (only way they would accept it). And once again, their people wouldn’t read it and posted it WITH my comments.

I hope you manage to do so in a better and faster way.

I once got Air to take one sentence out of my review. I’d said that the guest did not pay for an extra person but then they did so I asked Air to remove that part because it was no longer true.

Glad to hear they were flexible with you The guidance on their website says


To leave a review for a recent trip, go to your reviews. Reviews are limited to 500 words and must follow Airbnb’s Content Policy. You can edit your review for up to 48 hours, unless your host or guest completes their review