Guest broke my bed - advice on how to handle that

Hi, two guest stayed in my house the other day and sent me a message that the bed broke…According to my guest, his wife went to go to the toilet when suddenly the bed frame broke on the upper left corner. the bed frame is one year old, made in switzerladn and costs me 600usd…I am not sure how to handle that case as when i went to see the bed the leg of the bedframe were literally ripped,…it seems highly unlikey to put it politely that it is due to someone just walking up from the bed that could cause this type of damage. any idea how to handle that? i have no deposit. guest paid 30 euros a night and am afraid of bad review and lack of support of airbnb. thx¨

Document it with photos, receipt, and send it in to resolution center. If the guest denies your claim Airbnb will step in to make a final judgement. The more quickly and thoroughly documented, the better your chances of them siding with you.

Any time you have a dispute over money it’s always a possibility that guests take it out on you in review. I’d think it worth pursuing over a $600 bed, but you’ll have to weigh the pros/cons for yourself.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, check with the manufacturer to see if they’ll cover repair/replacement.


thx, this is how the guest announced it to me

Hello xxxx, last night when my gf and I were sleeping the left upper corner of the bed frame collapsed. We are fine sleeping on the bed again the way it is for tonight but thought to let you know for your other guests.

It feels like they put it on my responsibility right?

Is the bed frame still under warranty? If so, you might get a new bed frame from the manufacturer. Unless the bed frame was not put together correctly or was defective, I can’t envision what a guest could have done that would break the leg.

STOP BEING AFRAID OF BAD REVIEWS!!! Was the guest communication through AirBNb message system, or personal Texts – NEVER use personal texting, calls or email to discuss anything with any guests.

You need good, clear, close-up photos of the damage to submit to AirBnb. Do this ASAP, not tomorrow, now. Do exactly as @Allison_H specified – photos and a copy of the receipt for the bed frame sent to Air. You probably can’t document the fact that the bed frame was good before they “slept” in the bed, though.

Don’t try to second guess guests and don’t worry that “they put it on my responsibility”. Of course they did. The bed should stand up to a night of wild passion …


hi, yes i only communicate via the airbnb system. i will do as advised and send all the pictures i took earlier today. should i open a case in the resolution center right away or should i first ask a refund request to the guest?

I am astonished at posters here who believe that the guest should pay when the bed frame breaks. Bed frames shouldn’t break unless someone uses tools to break them. If a bed frame breaks the host should be glad if the guest doesn’t ask for a refund from the host and/or ask the host to pay the guests’ medical bills.

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Open the case now… Don’t wait.

Back in the day, a long time ago, when I had nights of passion, I gave up on wooden bed frames and beds with slats, I had several break, even a bed twice the price of OP. I think the only beds for an Airbnb with so much action, different and careless people, is the ensemble type, mattress on casters with mattress on top. Have you ever seen a bed frame :bed: in a hotel???

@EllenN is right, it really might not be the guests fault and you open yourself to unnecessary litigation.

If you really genuinely think it’s definitely the guests fault and you’ve checked it after each guest then claim. Also try to get a refund from the manufacturer (but you won’t be covered if you’ve used it for commercial purposes probably). If you do get s new one, please consider my advice and ditch the frame.

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