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Guest books single bedroom, asks to bring +1

So this girl books a single room at my place for about 10 days, then proceeds to ask me whether she can bring a friend over for one of the days. Thing is, the room is clearly for single occupancy as it only has a single bed, and not really enough space to add a futon (which I don’t have anyway).

I said no and that I’m sorry, but I’m now afraid this will reflect in a bad review. I so far have 80% 5-stars and don’t want it to go down. I’m thinking of offering my sofa in the living room (for a charge), but I’m frankly annoyed that people think they can just do what they want at other people’s houses…

I had the same request the other day, I said I contacted my insurance and due to health and safety regulations specifically relating to emergency evacuation that only one person was permitted to sleep in a single room. They bought it so sticking with it for future requirements


Stop worrying about a bad review. You did the right thing. The guest is in violation of Air policy to ask such a thing, and should be reported for it.

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Add a rule now that states, “Only your approved, registered and named party may be on the property or in the apartment.”

Just say NO, NO, NO, NO NO!
I recently started renting out a room in my house. I also have an independent apartment I have rented for several years.
It is a single bedroom with a queen sized bed. I imagined it would be for an individual or a couple. It is priced below what the least expensive room (motel 6) would cost for a night. I continue to be astounded about the number of requests I get for 3 or even 4 people in the room. for one night (and no not a couple with small children). I think to myself, why would 4 friends not spend the US$ 120 for a motel room with 2 king sized beds (i.e. motel 6) and be done with it? Seriously, 4 adults in a bedroom for US$90 (all inclusive). Absolutely NOT!


They can want and think whatever they want, you are the boss and you tell them, not the other way around.
And dont be afraid of reviews. SHe is getting review also form you, so it makes situation almost even

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That’s such a good one! Will definitely save it in my drafts, haha. :smile:

I am just a tad annoyed by it as I feel that buyers have more decisional power than sellers, just like on eBay. A seller’s reputation is tarnished with one bad feedback, a buyer isn’t. Ggggrrr.

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Update: she cancelled her stay, Thank goodness! She must have sensed my frustration :wink:

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