Guest booked wrong night - didn’t discover until he missed check in

I just realize this morning that I neglected to send check in instructions to my latest guest who was supposed to check in yesterday. I had sent him a message a few days ago saying I would be sending him check in instructions on the day of arrival, and to let me know if he had any questions, blah, blah, blah.

I received a reply back from him yesterday that said “Really looking forward to it. No questions for now. We plan to check in around 7 PM tomorrow night,” except I was busy with the turnover, and only skimmed his reply, and stopped reading before I got to the part where he said “TOMORROW NIGHT” (or If I did see it, it just didn’t register with me).

Here’s my dilemma: I have the night available (I blocked it out this morning immediately upon realizing what had happened), but since the guest booked the wrong night, is it unreasonable of me to ask for some additional compensation for the “2nd night”? Or should I just suck it up, thank my lucky stars I have the night open and accommodate him? I realize the former has the potential for ending up with a lousy review. But I feel that the guest bears most of the responsibility for the error, not me, and that perhaps I should get some compensation for accommodating him on a $$$ weekend night. Is it possible that Airbnb might compensate me? Has anyone else had a similar experience, and how did you deal with it?

I guess you could call Airbnb and get them to change the reservation to the correct night but I wouldn’t change the price, since you didn’t catch the mixup when his message came in (perfectly understandable – we’ve all been there). You didn’t have a different reservation for that night anyway, and yeah, it’s a drag that there is a difference between the price of the weeknight and weekend night’s stay. Miscommunications happen, and as you say, good thing there wasn’t another guest arriving. I would just welcome the guy and let it go.


Stop the presses!!! And hallelujah!!!

I just heard from the guest – he apologized for having misspoke in his reply. He is actually at the apartment; I’m guessing he found the check in instructions online.

I’m going to go take a tranquilizer now… :upside_down_face:


That’s a perfect solution, thanks. Hoping hard that I’ll never need to use it, though… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No, but it’s fine - i’m going to take the opportunity with the place unoccupied to take care of a few minor maintenance things. I don’t have another free day until after Labor Day.