Guest asking for proof of tenancy

I have a guest staying with his 3 daughters for a month. He is asking for proof that he’s staying at the house (before he arrives) so he can use it for his daughters to attend school in the area.

Does anyone have any experience of providing this kind of proof? Having the council tax put in his name will be a pain.

Any advice, thoughts gratefully received.

I don’t know where you live but where I live in El Paso, TX, USA, you need more than an address to prove tenancy for schools. You need utility bills, driver’s licenses, that sort of thing. This is not something I’d want to be involved in via Airbnb. If you want to do a long term rental then he can use his copy of the rental agreement for his residency documentation.


In your post you simply say that he is asking for proof that he’s staying with you for a months, not that he’s asking for proof of a tenancy. Tell him his itinerary, which he can print, is proof of his one month stay for this purpose.

Are you in the UK, where we pay Council Tax, and people game the system to get their kids into high performing schools?


My initial gut reaction is, no way! Sounds like he’s trying to scam the system by getting his kids into a school where they wouldn’t be qualified to go, based on their home address.

But I guess it would depend on the situation. Are they in process of moving there and are staying at your AirBnB until their house is ready? Or…? Although really, why wouldn’t they just ask their future landlord for the same letter they’re asking you for if that’s the case?
Or are they just living in the area for literally a month and then moving elsewhere, and they want their kids to attend school while they’re there?

Either way, it seems like a weird situation. Why can’t he just provide the school a copy of his AirBnB receipt with a link to your property? I wouldn’t be comfortable providing someone with a proof of residency AT ALL. So many potential risks there.


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Thanks guys.

Actually, he has asked for ‘papers to prove an address or rental contract’.

@KKC I live in the UK.

As far as I know they are only here for a month and want the kids to be at school while they are there.

@jkamm Yes, thanks for providing your much appreciated opinion, I think you’re absolutely right. I thought I could write a letter stating they are staying for the month, but really Airbnb confirmation is all I can give unfortunatley.


I personally would not provide it. He’s trying to scam the school district and it’s not fair to tax payers. His granddaughters live out of district. In addition, it would need to be a one year lease not a short term rental. If you give him the lease to use to register the girls, it can backfire. He can decide to stay and you would have a lease that prevents you from renting short term. If he wants to scam the school, chances are he will scam you too.


He doesn’t have a tenancy.

Say if he wants proof of his stay he should print out his booking confirmation.

It would be extremely odd for someone to pull three kids out of school during term time.

Where was he before? Is he intending to stay in the area?

Are you in the catchment area for a popular school?


I agree with @Helsi. I’d be sure to message him in the Airbnb system to let him know that an Airbnb stay is not regarded as proof of address because of its temporary nature. His Airbnb documents are all he can show.


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3 daughters for a month. He is asking for proof that he’s staying at the house (before he arrives) so he can use it for his daughters to attend school in the area.

I agree Airbnb itinerary is what he should use. This may be similar to—In my area several colleges offer short specialty programs for high school students. Students under 18 must show some kind of proof they are staying with a parent or guardian. This is to reduce the chance an unwise adult will rent a place and let their children plus others stay there without someone of legal age present. In the event something awful happens the school’s liability is reduced.