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Guest asking for discount

How do you guys respond to a request like this? The guest is asking me to give her a discount on account of them being easy going. I have always heard this normally is a red flag. I should add that my prices are at par with what is charged in my neighbourhood. Previous guests haven’t complained about it but they mostly stayed just a couple of days. I mostly get 5 stars for value.

7$ is just silly and petty. I would not rent to them. ANd whats with a dog? Thats just weird.

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$7? Why would you ask for a discount of $7? Do they have any reviews?

@konacoconutz, I think you can chime in on what an “easy-going” couple can mean…

I think what they meant is that they will be leaving their dog at home for the week and will miss him/her so they are saying that they will enjoy meeting the host’s dog. In other words, just letting the host know that they are dog lovers?


I assume you have the $7 a night extra for a reason - I would just explain this and say therefore you can’t waive it.

As much as you are think why are they quibbling over $7, they are probably thinking the same, why are they charging just $7 more.

Thanks for your input everyone! I added the $7 extra after I went through a couple who stayed one night and had really loud sex. It is a way to discourage many couples. I also provide extras like snacks and stuff - so if it’s an extra person I factor that in to the extra person fee. $7 is the minimum extra person charge I can put on Airbnb.

Two people is probably the most common number of people traveling, so they may find it odd to have a fee for anyone beyond one person. The other thing is often a reason people book vacations…

LOL! Sometimes ‘easygoing’ is not so.

My extra person rate is $40!
all over I say, MAX TWO. They wouldn’t dream of asking.

I think they are pandering to you with the dog comment.
I think you should decline them!

Are they so young and so cheap that they can’t pay $7 for an extra guest?
By the time that extra person has taken showers, used heating, turned on lights and TVs and whatever else, you will be way over that $7


Is this a joke text? Just re-read I thought they were bringing the dog. Sorry.

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If it was me, it would depend if i wanted them to fill that spot on my calender or not… if i thought they looked ok( with their reviews) other than the request, i would tell them that my prices are reasonable and i didnt do discounts and see how they respond.
if i didnt get a good feeling based on this email and they didnt have references, i would apologize i couldnt accomadate their $69 budget and suggest a couple hotels nearby( price on them not ncesarily less than your rate)

Do you think Priceline may have brought about this mentality? We can stay in unbooked rooms at the 4-star level for a 2-star price.

Tell them there your prices are very competitive in what you offer. If they cant afford your place, let them know there is other listings that maybe more suitable for their budget.

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OK, there’s the ‘Robert Dudley’ I’ve missed!!


Curious how you came up with a $7 value on noisy sex. If they don’t have sex, do you give a refund? This is so bizarre.

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You just have to be "someone else!’ I think I know who!!!

Wait is it a single person asking to bring a friend? Or a couple asking to bring a third??

Pretty sure it’s a couple. Not asking to bring a third.

ha ha… i actually only take solo travelers as my two guest rooms have a shared bath and one of my guest rooms is called The Quiet Room. Most people get the point.

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Is the dog the third? I am totally confused. :grin:

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