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Guest asked me to change my cancellation policy

Dear All,

Hope you are doing well.

I have moderate cancellation policy, ie, full refund 5 days before the arrival date, 50% refund before the day of arrival or 10% discount on the price if guest accepts a non refundable réservation. Cancellation due to force majeure will be fully refunded as usual.

I received a message from a couple: “Hi Miyima, We’re traveling from the USA and will stay in Nice from Sept 30 to Oct 16. I wanted to book your place but it is not refundable. With all the uncertainties with covid, I was wondering if you could make the reservation refundable in case we are not able to fly to Nice. Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards, Tom & Mary”

What do you think about this request? Can I ask them if they’ve got their double jabs?

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LOLZ! Dear Guest, please look into travel insurance (world nomads, etc). Thank you.


Thanks a lot, Jefferson, for your prompt reply! :wink:


We have used world nomad trip insurance many times, and even filed claims on two occasions. One, a total trip cancellation (month-long to Europe) and another was a lost day due to flight cancellation for Ireland.
We got back all of the monies due: hotels, STR stays, train tickets, pre-paid event tickets, etc.


Good coverage! :+1: Thanks again. :wink:

Hello @Miyima

I wouldn’t agree to change your policy for these guests. They are in effect asking you to underwrite their travel risk.

Most travel insurance won’t refund guests who can’t travel because of Covid. But there might be some policies that cover them - but they would need to check them out for themselves . I wouldn’t recommend individual policies. They could try to hold you liable if the policy doesn’t pay out.

You can certainly write it into your house rules that you only accept guests who have had both Covid vaccinations. But can’t make this a condition for just one set of guests.

I found their request unreasonable and felt that they were trying to take advantage of me. But I want to make sure it isn’t a feeling of paranoid and would like to hear from other hosts before answering them. I’m sure that they can find other listings with flexible cancellation policy but not with the same quality-price ratio.

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Our cancellations policies are linked to our pricing. I have a pretty low priced homeshare so I’ve been less flexible. If I had a higher price I could absorb an occasional cancellation even if I couldn’t rebook it. I rarely make exceptions for existing reservations. I’ve never been asked before a rental, but I would decline.

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Thanks for your feedback, Helsi. I don’t agree to change my policy neither. I asked the guests to look into travel insurance, as suggested by Jefferson. World Nomads do cover some covid-related events, but not all.

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Of course it’s unreasonable and of course they are trying it on. Just tell them no.


Thanks Christine for your message. Your reasoning and your practice is very understandable. October is shoulder season in Nice and my price is low when compared with other listings with a private parking space. Imagine if those guest cancel last minute their reservation of 16 nights, I would probably have to offer pitable low price to get those room nights rebooked.

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My reply to them:

<<Thank you for your message.

I have moderate cancellation policy, ie, full refund 5 days before the arrival date, 50% refund before the day of arrival or no refund should guests wish to enjoy a 10% discount on the price.

Please look into travel insurance (world nomads, etc) for supplementary coverage. Thank you.>>


The policy may be a bit from that

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I agree with your decision to say no.

Yes and for travelers from the US I absolutely would. Thing is, I thought this was already required for travel from the US.

As for all the advice to “get travel insurance” I looked into it for a trip to Nashville in Oct and decided against it. The cost was over 10% of the trip coverage ($200+ for the $2000 trip) and “cancel for any reason” coverage only covers 80%. Given that some parts of the trip would be refunded (concert ticket if show is canceled and I can reschedule the flight for another date without penalty) I decided I’ll just eat it if I can’t go.

The primary thing I’ll lose money on is my Airbnb. I was fully aware it was strict policy when I booked it. That’s probably why it was one of a very small number of bookings available close to downtown.

I’ve made my bed, now I hope I get to lie in it. Everyone with the audacity to travel right now should be willing to bear the costs of their risky trip.


You are right. If guests cancel less than 5 days before their arrival date, they lose 50% plus the first night and the service fees of Airbnb.

The USA is considered a green country (and so is Australia). Upon boarding, each traveller aged 12 and over must present a negative PCR or antigenic test taken less than 72 hours before the flight, if he or she hasn’t been fully vaccinated for at least 7 days.

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Have sent them the link and corrected what I’ve said on cancellation less than 5 days before arrival date.

Guests’ message to me after my reply to them: Thanks for the response. We’re both fully vaccinated. What would the price per night be with the full refund 5 days before arrival?

I sent them a link to my listing and asked them to refer the price details listed on it.

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I more I write, the more mistakes I can make. Why did they even ask me about the price? Haven’t they seen it before sending me a message? Strange guests even though they have got 7 very positive reviews from hosts.

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