Grouping days on the calendar?

I’m still new to Airbnb and I’ve messed up two potentially profitable booking weekends by thinking I have the correct settings and then not. I feel like you all will have a quick answer for me.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: there are times I want to only rent out certain days as a block. For example, on Memorial Day weekend I want to only have a booking Friday-Monday (3 nights). I set the calendar for 3 night min on Friday but someone just booked Tues-Saturday, foiling my hope to not have to clean over the holiday.

Is there a way to avoid this in the future? Thanks!

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You need to set up a “rule-set.” Select days on the calendar. In the right panel, scroll down to “rule-sets” and add a rule-set. You have many many options. That’s where you can require certain days be booked as one.

EDIT, I do this on the web. never tried on the mobile app…

I can help you. But first I need to know, are you using the Rule Sets drop-down menu or the listing settings under Pricing and Availability?

Thanks! I’m not using Rule Sets…. I’ve just been setting prices and such from the calendar.

I have a desktop… I’ll check it out now…

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When I select the dates, I don’t see Rule Sets come up on the right side. I get Availibility, Pricing and Custom Settings. In Custom Settings it’s just giving me the option to adjust min and max nights and length of stay discounts…

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Rule sets are found by using “Professional Tools”.

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It looks like I need multiple listings to use Professional Tools and Rule Sets.

It says that, but you don’t.

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That used to be true (it used to be 6 listings actually) but at some point, they changed it and AFAIK anyone can turn them on now. If you want to turn them on the setting is found in your Airbnb Account settings (not your Listing settings, not sure why, seems a little unintuitive).

You will be able to use Rule Sets if you want and you can also track all kinds of data about your listing with the Insights tab as well as some other functionality that I don’t ever use (teams, tasks, etc). A lot of hosts don’t turn them on and I’m not sure what that decision is based on or not but I figure everyone has their reasons. I only ask about it so I can give the appropriate instruction.

Back to your thing:

As you’ve learned the “hard way” (IMO is the best way really) placing a minimum on one day of your calendar has no effect on the other days on your calendar.

But, and I cannot stress this enough, after you make any change on your calendar whether booking rule or pricing you must go to your listing page (the page your guests will book from) and check your calendar on there.

For example, if you don’t want anyone to be able to check-in on the Tuesday after Memorial Day you go to your public listing page and see if it allows you to select Tuesday for a check-in day. If it does, then your settings are either incorrect or not working.

And, BTW, sometimes settings don’t work as they should or suddenly stop working or change completely on their own so you should routinely check your settings and your listing page. The Airbnb system has its glitches and sometimes hosts get screwed by them so you want to keep your eye on things (Last year at this time a lot of us suddenly had a pool in our amenity list :laughing:)

I’m going to do a separate reply for the tech stuff. (sorry it’s so long :grimacing:)


Ok, if I understand correctly, it sounds like you wanted to capitalize on the holiday weekend with a booking for at least Fri-Mon and didn’t want to have to clean again until Wednesday. For the examples, I’m going to assume the listing has a 2-day min and back-to-back bookings (no prep day in between).

If you’re using the Customized Trip Lengths Setting then you would choose the dates from Fri-Tue (May 26-May 30) put a 3-day minimum and set your Check-in day to “Fri only” (there’s a drop-down menu for that right below where you set the min). That gets your 3 days for Friday and keeps someone from checking-in on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue.

However, it doesn’t keep someone from booking Wed or Thur and checking out on Sat or Sun which means you won’t get your 3-day weekend booking and will have to clean during it. So it’s better than nothing but you have much more control with Rule Sets. With Rule Sets, you can dictate a lot more, min stay by day of the week, checkin and checkout days, etc for any selection of dates:

Using Rule Sets to maximize on the 3-day weekend and not clean until after it, I’d select Wed-Tue (May 24-30) and make a Rule Set for those dates that says: Check-In Only on Wed/Thur/Fri + Check-Out Only on Mon and Tue. I don’t even have to make a minimum stay rule because the Check-In and Check-Out rules force the minimum stay. I included Wed/Thur so that no one takes the weekend away with a 2-day stay (i.e. a Thur to Sat stay).

If the prior Tue (May 23) is open on my calendar I’d make an additional Rule Set just for that date that says: No Checkout on Sat so that someone can’t book Tue May 2 and wreck the holiday weekend by checking out on Sat. I could say No Checkout on Sat or Sun but a Tue-Sun booking is a 5-day booking and I don’t think it’s worth losing out on that just to keep the 3-day weekend together, but it’s just a priority decision.

The reason I have to make a new Rule Set for Tue May 23, as opposed to including it in the first Rule Set for May 24-30, is that I already have a rule for “Tuesdays” in the May 24-30 rule set and it’s not the rule that I want to be applied to Tue May 23. That’s something to be aware of when using Rule Sets. Generally, my rule sets are never for more than one week of dates because so many rules are based on the day of the week.

If you look at your calendar while you read this I think it will make some sense, at least as an overview or something. They’re really worth exploring. I recommend you get them and then go way out on your calendar like Feb 2024 and open up a couple of weeks (make the price nutty like $1500 a night to keep anyone from booking, just in case someone is looking at dates that far out) and then play with the rule sets.

Set up some different ones and then go to your public listing page and see how they’re playing out. That way you can get a feel for them and learn to use them for your benefit without worrying about what it’s doing to the dates you’re currently trying to get booked.

And consider saving and titling your Rule Sets because the Rule Set you use for Memorial Day is likely the same Rule Set you’ll want to use for Labor Day and you won’t have to set it up again.


Thank you so very much! I was trying to figure it out again earlier today and was stumped. Tomorrow I’ll sit down at my computer with these instructions pulled up on my phone and try it out. I appreciate you taking the time to write this all out!